Custom Fireplace Designs for Your Interior Fireplace

alpharetta ga quality fireplace remodeling Do you feel like your fireplace is dated or doesn’t fit your style? Or, are you considering having a prefabricated fireplace installed but are concerned that it might look too cookie cutter? No matter what your dilemma is, there is a solution: a custom surround and mantel. Whether you have an old fireplace that needs a makeover or are having a new fireplace installed, a customized fireplace design can transform it into the fireplace of your dreams.   

The mantel and surround are what make a fireplace the focal point of a room. They make an architectural statement that defines the space’s style. Along with transforming the style and ambiance of a room, investing in an updated fireplace design may also increase your home’s future resale value.

Fireplace styles range from traditional to modern and rustic to urban. When you are designing the new face of your fireplace, you can choose from cultured stone, brick or veneer for the surround and granite, marble, stone or wood for the mantel. All of these materials can be used in unique ways to create a one-of-a-kind fireplace that creates the atmosphere you desire.

You might be surprised to learn that fireplace experts, like our certified technicians at Chimney Solutions, also specialize in fireplace design. If you are planning to give your fireplace a makeover, a certified chimney technician is the best choice.

Why You Should Choose a Chimney Expert to Design Your Fireplace

• Thorough Knowledge of Safety & Building Codes

Certified chimney technicians keep up to date with all local building codes for fireplaces and chimneys as well as safety standards that general contractors may not know. We stake our reputation on our high standards work and thorough knowledge of our industry. You can trust that we won’t take any shortcuts that could risk your safety or make errors that hold up the sale of your home in the future.  

• Use The Best Materials & Installation Techniques

General contractors who don’t specialize in fireplaces and chimneys are notorious for cutting corners by using regular bricks instead of firebricks and improperly installing chimney components. We are frequently called in to repair fireplaces and chimneys that were improperly built or installed. The wrong materials and poor installation can result in a large range of issues from unsightly stains to increased risk of a house fire. When you choose to work with a fireplace expert, you can feel confident that the job will be done right the first time. 

• Professional Design

custom fireplace rebuilds in canton gaWe are experts in our craft with the skill to create a striking design that matches your specific style and ideas. Since we specialize in fireplaces and chimneys, we keep up to date with the latest designs and styles.

If you live in the Northern Atlanta area, give us a call and talk to one of our experts! We would love to help you design a jaw-dropping fireplace that wows your neighbors and makes your hearth the heart of your home.

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