Dangers of a Cracked Chimney Crown

The main purpose of a chimney crown is to protect your chimney from water. If there are cracks, the water will seep in. Over time these cracks can become larger. With rough frigid weather, there is freezing and thawing that can wreak havoc on your chimney. A crown is there to protect. If the chimney crown isn’t properly built, chances are you will get water.

A slopped chimney crown is a properly built chimney crown. By diverting water away from the chimney and not allowing water to fall on the chimney. Your chimney crown should also have an overhang. This will divert the water away from your chimney rather than directly onto the face of your chimney.

leaking chimney in Sandy Springs GADangers Of Water In Your Chimney

  • Bricks and mortar breakdown
  • Rusting of metal components
  • Mold Growth
  • Chimney liner damage
  • Rotting to home structure

How Do I Protect My Chimney Crown?

In all cases, sealing your chimney crown will protect it. This will prevent cracks and if there are small cracks, it will protect them from getting larger. The crown is the most vulnerable part of your chimney due to its proximity to the house. It sits at the very top of the chimney. The wind, rain, ice, and snow are all dangerous to the longevity of the crown.

A yearly inspection is always a great idea. Experts suggest that you get a yearly inspection. By identifying cracks early, they can correct them sooner rather than later.

What Should Be Done?

  • Sealing – As mentioned above, your chimney crown should be sealed. By catching these small enough, an easy sealing will prolong its growth.
  • Patching – If cracks have started to grow larger, a patching would be a good option. The technicians at Chimney Solutions are well-equipped to take care of this for you. They will be able to patch cracks as well as add fresh concrete to damaged sections of the crown.
  • Rebuilding – A much larger job is to rebuild the chimney crown. Only an experienced mason should be contacted to complete this job.

It is ever so important to have an expert look at your chimney on a yearly basis to check for any cracks. Water is your chimney’s worst enemy. You will want to take care of these issues as soon as detected. This will avoid a more costly fix in the future.

chimney crown repair in Atlanta, GA

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