What is a Direct Vent Fireplace & How Does it Work?

direct vent gas fireplace installs near alpharetta gaIt’s fairly common knowledge that gas fireplaces are efficient heating appliances and bring many advantages to homeowners.  What isn’t as well-understood is that there are different types of gas fireplaces, and some do their jobs a lot better than others.  Let’s take a look at the highly efficient direct-vent gas fireplace.

One of the reasons traditional gas fireplaces aren’t as good for heating as direct-vent models is that they use indoor air to create combustion.  Warm air from inside the house is drawn into the flames and then sent up the flue, which is a vertical exhaust pipe that channels everything up and out of the house.

Conditioned interior air that escapes into the firebox and up the flue means less warm interior air – which was created by the very mechanism that is now pulling it away.  This isn’t an efficient method for heating a home.

Then there’s the backdrafting problem with standard gas units.  When a kitchen exhaust fan or any other occurrence causes air to be pulled out of the home, this creates a depressurized environment that can suck air full of harmful gasses right into the house.

How a direct-vent fireplace is different

The three primary differences between direct-vent and traditional gas fireplaces are efficiency, safety and versatility.  Direct-vent fireplaces work by employing outside air rather than air inside the home for combustion.  The air comes in through a double vent pipe’s outer chamber, while the inside chamber is used to send exhaust fumes outside the home.  A loop is created as warm air leaves the pipe and dense, cooler air is brought in.

This method of operation is overall superior to that of traditional gas fireplaces.


As with any gas fireplace, direct-vent models use either natural gas from a municipal source or propane from a tank as fuel.  The difference is, direct-vent fireplaces are able to turn most of the burning fuel into actual heat for the home.  Glass doors that create a tight seal provide even more heating efficiency.


With direct-vent fireplaces, there is no need for a flue extending up through the roof, which eliminates backdrafting.  The vent pipe on these fireplaces can run through a nearby wall with a fire-caulked flange as an added safety feature.  Additionally, the flame from a gas appliance can be instantly turned off in case of an emergency.


atlanta ga direct vent fireplacesWith direct-vent technology, these fireplaces can be placed virtually anywhere that you desire instant zone heating such as kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms – and of course, main rooms.  When shopping, you’ll quickly realize that there are perfect sizes and styles of direct-vent fireplaces for any need within a home.

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