The Dangers of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

Water is probably the most invasive element to damage your home. Let’s talk about the damage that water through your chimney can bring. Once we have located the source of the leak, we will be able to correct the situation. Call Chimney Solutions for a full chimney inspection. We will be able to give you the facts and your options. An inspection is usually the best way to identify the source of a leak.

leaking chimney in Sandy Springs GADamages You May Encounter

Chimney structure- Water seeping in through the mortar will weaken the masonry. This may cause cracking and crumbling. With the effect of the cracking and crumbling, this allows even more water to intrude into your home. Identifying water leaking early is your best defense.

Mold growth- When there is water that is not dried out, mold will most likely follow. A very good reason to be sure to fix any water leakage into your chimney. Mold growth is also a health issue for you and your family.

Attic and Roof Damage- Water coming in from the roof area of your chimney may cause damage to your roof as well as your attic. If the wood isn’t repaired and replaced in a timely manner rot can lead to structural damage.

Interior walls, ceiling, and floors- Water leaking from the chimney can also damage the interior walls of your home. Not only the walls but the ceilings may also be affected.

Decorations- Home decor left in the path of water may also be damaged.
All this is from water leaking from the chimney. If you see signs of a leaky chimney your quick response to these warning signs will save you in the long run.

Warning Signs:

  1. Moisture or water in the firebox.
  2. Discoloration of bricks.
  3. Rust on any metal component of your fireplace.

A leaking chimney is nothing to ignore. Call Chimney Solutions at the numbers below to assess any warning signs that you identify.

Preventing Chimney Leaks In The Future.

There are ways to prevent chimney leaks. Here are some of them.

Masonry waterproofing

Chimney Solutions can help with this. The process is to clean, dry out, and apply water repellant to your masonry. This will divert water away from your chimney.

Chimney inspections in Atlanta GAAnnual inspections of your Chimney Cap, Crown, and flashing.

The cap protects the top of the chimney. A chimney cap protects the chimney from unwanted debris and visitors. But it also keeps water out of the chimney. The crown is a cement or stone structure that covers and seals the top of the chimney. The crown over time can become cracked allowing water to seep into the chimney. The flashing is a metal strip around the base of the chimney. The flashing prevents water from seeping in at the base of the chimney against the roof.

All three of these are important components of your chimney. If not working properly they can expose your chimney to water entering your chimney and home.

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