Easy Steps to a Cleaner Fireplace

Best Gas Log SetsFireplaces get dirty.  There is no way around it.  Over time, a fireplace builds up an excessive amount of soot, ash and other debris causing a mess around the firebox.  Not only is this an eye sore but could be hazardous to the health of you and your loved ones.   You could call a chimney sweep periodically to have your chimney and firebox cleaned out, but that might not be financially possible.  Here are a few tips you can do to keep your fireplace clean.

  • Remove the ash – Allow at least four days before removing any ash.  This will allow enough time to ensure the ash has cooled.  The best tool to use is a wet/dry vacuum.  Make sure to use a disposable bag to prevent another mess from forming.   Don’t have a vacuum?  No worries. Another way is to use wet coffee grounds.  Simply place the wet coffee grounds on the ash to dampen the area, and then use a shovel to scoop the ash into a metal bucket or container for disposal.
  • Make the glass shine – After a while the protective glass may become dull and cloudy.  If you notice this issue, merely make a mixture of 1-part warm water and 1-part vinegar in a spray bottle.  Spray along the glass and with a dry rag or paper towel wipe it down. If the grime is not coming off, try adding a little ash and gently scrub the glass.
  • Clean the surrounding area – If your fireplace is surrounded by brickwork, begin by spraying down the bricks with water. This will prevent chemicals from seeping into the bricks, eliminating any potential problems.  Combine a gallon of water with a ¼ cup of all-purpose cleaner and with a stiff brush, then scrub away.  If you have marble surrounding your fireplace, try using a milder solution such as dish washing liquid mixed with water.  After you have scrubbed the dirt away, rinse the area completely and let dry before using your fireplace.  If the dirt remains, try using a commercial grade cleaner.

Always follow the Chimney Safety Institute of America’s guidelines and a have an Annual Chimney Cleaning and Safety Inspection.  This will ensure the inside and outside of your chimney is in working order.

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