Ensuring Your Flue Is Safe

Clay Tile LinersCracked flue tiles in your chimney are not an uncommon occurrence.
Flue tiles, the clay liners adhered with mortar to the inside of the chimney, deteriorate over time after being subjected to changes in heat, moisture and chemicals. Cracked flue tiles pose a potentially serious threat to your home and family if not immediately repaired or replaced.

When do flue tiles need to be repaired or replaced?

Flue tiles not only help your chimney operate efficiently, they also insulate your chimney from fire and help keep your family safe. Therefore, broken flue tiles need to be repaired or replaced as soon as wear is suspected or detected.

The smallest fractures in your flue can allow noxious gases to enter your home through cracks in your chimney, creating health risks for your family.
Furthermore, combustible creosote also can escape into these cracks and catch fire in your chimney, causing serious damage.

In addition, cracked flue tiles also can completely break off, creating dangerous blockages in your chimney.

How are flue tiles repaired or replaced?

Flue tiles should be inspected regularly and replaced or repaired by a qualified chimney relining company.

Single, isolated cracks in flue tiles can be repaired simply by replacing the individual tiles. If several flue tiles have cracks — but most of the tiles are in good condition — the interior of the chimney can be smoothed over with mortar, sealing any cracks in the tiles and existing mortar.

If a new liner is required, creosote and debris is first removed and a coating is applied to the flue walls. After drying, a durable sealant is applied, further covering any cracks or vulnerabilities.

Chimney Solutions provides complete chimney relining services and chimney inspection. Contact Chimney Solutions today to inspect your chimney and ensure your flue is safe before your next fire.

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