Fabulous Fireplaces- Celebrities, Movies, & the Titanic

famous fireplacesThe most outstanding architectural feature in many homes is the fireplace.  Not only do fireplaces provide cozy relief from the cold, they are sometimes built to be visually magnificent.  If you are a fan of fireplaces, you will probably enjoy learning about hearths of the stars and a famous fireplace built on the legendary Titanic.

Celebrities’ Fireplaces

Will and Jada Pinkett Smith’s Malibu residence has a gorgeous “Kiva-Style” fireplace in the dining room that was photographed and featured by Architectural Digest.  The arched hearth is stunning in its uniqueness and simplicity.

Rod Stewart’s library in his Beverly Hills home includes an enormous fireplace with a marble mantel that is too massive to be considered a traditional hearth.

Some incredible fireplaces of the stars are constructed of affordable materials and have designs that could be replicated, such as the following:

  • Anjelica Huston, in her Venice, California, home, has a contemporary chimney piece with a unique geometric design that could be duplicated with basic drywall and framing skills.
  • In her Tucson, Arizona, home, Linda Ronstadt has an outstanding hearth with red tiles and other luxurious embellishments.
  • An Old World-style chimney piece graces the Malibu living room of world-famous Cher.  The look could be replicated with cast stone or glass fiber reinforced concrete.

Fireplaces Featured in Movies

Movie buffs will undoubtedly recognize standout fireplaces featured in several classic and/or award-winning movies:

In the Lord of the Rings trilogy, the extraordinary fireplaces of hobbits such as Bilbo and Frodo Baggins have served as inspiration for many fireplaces built in rustic cottages and homes.

A classic fireplace mantel with appeal for believers in Santa Claus is featured in Home Alone, the Christmas comedy starring Macaulay Culkin.  Ornate Christmas stockings are carefully hung on the fireplace in anticipation of a visit from the jolly elf.

Many movie lovers would argue that the most significant fireplace linked to Hollywood is located in Elrod House in Palm Springs, California.  The fireplace is featured in the 1971 James Bond film Diamonds are Forever, and it is in a house designed in such a way that a visually stunning effect is created.  The hearth has a remarkable circular sunburst concrete canopy.  Over the course of decades, the home itself was frequented by major movie stars, such as William Holden, Steve McQueen, and Bob Hope.

Fireplaces on the Titanic

Titanic FireplaceFireplaces & their accompanying hearths definitely deserve their place among the many outstanding architectural features on the opulent Titanic that have been widely praised.  Numerous articles have featured photographs of the smoke room, and replicas have been featured in various movies and documentaries about the ship.  The architectural community, in some circles, still discusses the ornate hearth.  The fact that it was the only fully functional coal-burning hearth on the tragic ship heightens interest.

The fireplace in the smoke room was constructed of Italian marble and had Mother of Pearl inlay.  The room had a distinct welcoming feeling.  It is said that men continued playing cards there for hours, as the Titanic was sinking.

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