How Can You Fix Your Fireplace & Chimney Problems?

Chimney Inspection in Marietta, GARepair and performance issues with fireplaces, chimneys and all their components should be addressed only by professionals who are trained in this work. Attempting to do these jobs yourself can bring unwanted results:

After investing a lot of your time and money, the problem still may not be solved. What originally was a minor issue could become a serious safety risk



Working on chimneys and fireplaces with the wrong tools and equipment can lead to significant system damage. The novice repair person can easily become injured.

Knowledge of chimney/fireplace systems

Chimney service personnel – especially those certified by the National Fireplace Institute and/or the Chimney Safety Institute of America – bring extensive knowledge to every service call. These certifications confirm that the technician has demonstrated a solid understanding of how chimneys and fireplaces and all their components work.

It would be impossible for the average homeowner to amass this level of knowledge by reading a chimney repair book or consulting a DIY fireplace maintenance website. Advanced knowledge is a primary reason for hiring professionals.

Tools of the trade

Not only do professional chimney technicians possess deep understanding of chimney and fireplace systems, they also come equipped with industry-standard tools to do the job right.

Some of the tools and equipment used by professionals includes:

Specialized video technology such as Chim-Scan, which allow an inspector to make still photos and videos of a chimney’s interior
Industry-grade solvents and chemicals to aid in cleaning soot and creosote from the flue
Cables, chains, rotating brushes and scrapers that allow for the removal of a much greater amount of creosote than any tools a homeowner might have laying around All the necessary hand tools for expert masonry repair, chimney rebuilding, component removal and installation and more

Chimney Sweep In Atlanta, GA

A Proper Repair

Certified chimney professionals won’t make novice mistakes during repair work that could lead to dangerous operating conditions. An untrained individual may inadvertently damage a part or component that before long could turn into a safety risk for the home and people living in it.

When performing chimney sweep services, for example, safety is the name of the game. Built-up creosote in chimney flues is the number-one cause of dangerous chimney fires. If this job isn’t performed correctly, a chimney fire could destroy the chimney and adjacent parts of the home.

Insurance covers errors

Professional chimney field technicians carry insurance to protect the homeowner against unexpected damage. Of course, these men and women are experts in their work and go to great lengths to avoid causing any damage during their visit to your home. But stuff happens, and when it does, it’s good to know it will be covered by the tech’s insurance.

In most cases, insurance companies are not likely to pay for chimney, fireplace or home damage caused by an unlicensed, untrained novice attempting DIY chimney repair.

Chimney Solutions of Alpharetta, GA, can help you avoid all the problems that can result when attempting to work on your own chimney and fireplace. We’re certified chimney experts who put quality work and safe results above everything else. Call us today at 770-255-1300 for the very best in chimney sweep services, chimney inspection, chimney repair and chimney rebuilding. We’ll do the job right the first time.


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