Winter Bliss and Other Benefits of a Fireplace Insert 

Heat sources use the most electricity in a typical home, requiring four times more energy than cooling. This is just one great reason to acquaint yourself with the benefits of a fireplace insert. With cost-effectiveness in mind, it’s tough to enjoy true winter bliss sitting next to a traditional masonry fireplace. After all, at least 85% of the heat goes up the chimney! What if you schedule qualified chimney sweeps to install a fireplace insert? This will flip the numbers, with up to 80% of the heat produced providing household warmth! Below, read more about the benefits of fireplace inserts. 

gas fireplace inserts in Dawsonville GAHeating Efficiency

Because of the ingenious design of fireplace inserts, heat output is maximized, and heat loss is minimized. Fireplace inserts have a closed combustion system that results in efficient burning, greater heat production, and better control of airflow. When you fire up your fireplace insert, no time will be wasted supplying the room with warmth.

Fuel Options

You can choose from several fireplace insert fuel options. No matter which fuel type you choose, the fireplace insert will be specially designed to fit into your existing masonry or zero-clearance fireplace. Will you choose a fireplace insert that burns wood, gas, pellets, or electricity?

Cleaner Indoor Air

One of the innovative design features of fireplace inserts is to protect the air in your home. Fireplace inserts are engineered to improve indoor air quality due to better efficiency in ventilation and reduced emissions. If clear air is a high priority for you, a pellet-burning fireplace insert is your best option. These heating units are among the cleanest heating sources available. In fact, the EPA has basically dubbed them to be smoke-free units.

Heat & Light During Power Outages

If you get prepared ahead of time for a possible power outage, your pellet, wood, or gas fireplace insert can continue to operate when everything goes dark. Fireplace inserts require a small amount of electricity, which can be replaced with battery power. 

Safety = Peace of Mind

It’s always smart to think about home safety, when heating options are being considered. Fireplace inserts are among the safest options for home heating. The fire is contained behind glass within the firebox, which minimizes the risk of stray embers or sparks causing a fire hazard. The durable steel or cast-iron materials fireplace inserts are made with can withstand high temperatures. Even the air is safer because there is minimal risk of combustion fumes getting into the home when you heat with a fireplace insert.

fireplace insert installations in Woodstock GASchedule Fireplace Insert Installation Today

The certified chimney experts at Chimney Solutions would love to increase your winter bliss. We can install a fireplace insert in your masonry fireplace. Then, your fireplace upgrade will do the rest. Homeowners who have made this change have reported significantly lower heating costs in winter. They even help spread the word about the benefits of fireplace inserts. Our comprehensive services include chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, chimney crown repair, chimney cap installation, masonry repair, flashing repair, and more.

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