Why Fireplace Repair is Only for Knowledgeable Experts


Professional inspections

expert fireplace repairs in cumming gaFireplace safety experts all agree that annual chimney inspections are important for any household with a fireplace. Even if a fireplace is very rarely used, hazardous issues can arise that make it unsafe for future use, unless repairs are made. An inspection isn’t a do-it-yourself proposition. Experts undergo extensive training, so that they are equipped to recognize all of the numerous situations that require chimney or fireplace repair. A layperson can easily miss the subtle signs that damage has occurred.

A chimney flue, for example, must be in good condition, with no deterioration. If there is damage as difficult to spot as a tiny crack, a fire in the fireplace can cause gases to enter the home. In addition, combustible materials can be exposed to extreme heat and ignite, causing a dangerous home fire.

When a new chimney lining is installed, it should be done only be a professional. A chimney flue needs to be the correct size, to ensure safe operation. Proper installation is important, to ensure a proper draft in the chimney, as well.

There are many other issues that can be discovered with a professional chimney inspection. Moisture, for instance, is the number one cause of chimney damage. Evidence of deterioration, however, is often not evident to the untrained eye until extensive damage has already been done.

The smoke shelf is an unseen part of the chimney, located just behind the chimney damper. This is a flat area that can collect falling debris and rain. If there isn’t a chimney cap, debris could fall in that causes a chimney obstruction or a hazardous chimney fire.

More Areas of Potential Damage

Chimney professionals look for damage from top to bottom, and they can recognize issues that need to be addressed but that aren’t obvious. In the firebox, for instance, the fire bricks at the back need to be in good condition. It’s a situation similar to the chimney flue, since combustible parts of the home can be exposed if there’s even a small crack.

Other parts of the chimney that need to be checked include the following:

·      Chimney structure

·      Flashing

·      Chimney cap, chimney crown, or rain cap

·      Fireplace damper

·      Firebox

·      Smoke chamber

·      Smoke shelf

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