Easy Fireplace Safety tips

Fireplace installation in Buckhead GAThe warmth of fires is as appealing for our pets in winter as it is for us. We aren’t the only ones who love snuggling by a glowing hearth. Unfortunately, paws, tails, long fur, and long ears are highly at risk around fires. Keeping pets safe should be a priority. Finding a balance between keeping your pet from being injured and enjoying crackling fires together is possible.

Identifying the Danger

Even if you have a screen or glass doors on your fireplace or wood stove, accidents could happen. Embers could pop out and harm your pet when you’re adding more wood or stoking the fire. Getting too close to the glass or touching it could cause a painful burn on an animal, as well. The danger for pets is directly associated with nearness to the fire. Keeping your pet safe means ensuring that a safe distance is maintained.


Always supervise your pet when a fire is burning in your fireplace or stove. This an essential tip for pet safety around fires. If you have guests over, ask them to alert you if your pet ventures near the flames.


Train your pet to stay away from the hearth, especially when there’s a fire going. Don’t allow ball chasing or other activities with your pet to take place by the fireplace or wood stove. To reinforce the training, be sure treats are never tossed in the area and toys are kept at a good distance from the hearth. Pet beds, blankets, and soft rugs that your pet would want to lay on should never be placed near a hearth appliance.

Fireplace Gate Installed

Pet Gate

If you have a puppy, kitten, or very curious adult pet that isn’t cooperating with safety training, you may want to use a gate to create a pet blockade around the hearth. Configurable gates that can be used for kids and pets are available now and can make it easier to ensure pet safety.

Fireplace Accessories  

If you have a set of fireplace tools, they should be placed on a sturdy stand so that your pet can’t knock them over and get hurt.

Other accessories for the fireplace should be stored safely away from pets and the fireplace, as well, including matches, starter chips, and lighters.

Store a Fire Extinguisher Nearby

There is always a risk of fire, even if you take every precaution. An ember could pop out of the flames and start a fire. Wood could shift and tumble out of the hearth area. Because of the many hazardous possibilities, keep a fire extinguisher nearby so that you may be able to quickly and safely put out unexpected fires.

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