Should You Mount A TV Over Your Fireplace?

Designing a living space often involves numerous different elements. One of the biggest is determining where to mount the television. Many homes have fireplaces that already serve as a gathering place as well as the focal point of the room. So, it’s only natural to assume that mounting the TV above the fireplace is a practical choice. But that brings up an important question. Should you mount a TV over a fireplace?

Modern Gas Fireplace Installations in Dahlonega GAHeat and Electronics don’t mix

First, the negatives. Heat is most obviously the biggest cause for concern when mounting a television above the fireplace mantle. Heat and electronics do not go together. Many flatscreen manuals will include a temperature range for the safe operation of the unit and it is often well below the heat output of your fireplace.

In addition, you’ll always run the risk of smoke damage. If smoke gets inside, it will damage the inner components of your TV. This can be lessened with routine sweeps and inspections from your Chimney Solutions technician, but worth keeping in mind.

Finally, heat damage can void the television’s warranty as well. Since it was likely a pricey investment, this is an important consideration to keep in mind.

Mounting and wiring can be an issue

Next on the list is installation. Is your fireplace made of stone, brick, or otherwise solid masonry? In that case, mounting will not only be difficult but the cords and wires running from your set will all be visible, detracting from the aesthetic of your space.

Plus, code requirements in some areas prevent surface-level wiring in the first place. Beyond these installation issues, you’ll need to consider where to put the accessories: the cable box, Blu-Ray player, video game systems, etc. If you don’t have a mantle, these will need to go on a stand nearby, though again at a safe distance from the heat and smoke.

Not enough room & viewing height

What is your preferred television size? The answer to this will have a major effect on mounting your set above the fireplace. If you like a somewhat smaller unit, you may be fine. But for those that like a larger TV, it may be a tight fit — or too big altogether.

Modern homes typically have a ceiling height of 9 feet, with their mantles around the 4.5 to 5-foot mark. This only leaves you with roughly 4 feet of space to work with.

Another downside is placement height. If your television is on the smaller side and mounted above your fireplace closer to the ceiling, this can cause an uncomfortable viewing angle. Ideally, televisions should be placed at eye level for optimal viewing.

Are there any positives, then?

So, are there any circumstances where mounting above a fireplace is considered a good thing? Well for starters, if your fireplace is nonfunctional, it’s likely safe to mount your television above it. Likewise, if your fireplace is electric, the heat output is minimal and safe for a TV mount. Just be sure to check the wall temperature with a heat gun before proceeding. Some modern homes have been built with this television location in mind and will already have a recessed section above the mantle with outlets and cable channels already in place.

Fireplace Insert Installation in East Cobb GA

In this case, as long as your television is the right size, you’ve checked the wall temperature, and the angle is adequate; you are probably good to go.

From installation to inspection, Chimney Solutions is the place to call

There are various reasons to keep in mind when deciding to mount a television above your fireplace whether it is wood-burning, gas, electric, or just a nonfunctional decoration in your space. The team at Chimney Solutions is happy to help you with this decision as well as handle inspections, cleanings, repairs, and more.

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