Build Home Value with a Fireplace Upgrade

A fireplace upgrade is a solid investment to increase home value and boost the quality of indoor and outdoor living. Studies show that fireplaces are sought-after features among most homebuyers. There are various ways to ensure that a new or upgraded fireplace is a worthwhile investment. Details follow.

The Number 1 ROI on a Home Makeover

outdoor fireplace, suwanee gaKnowing that you are planning to move in the not-too-distant future if you have been thinking about investing in a fireplace, go for it! The selling price of a home will usually increase by an amount covering up to 91% of the cost. To really give homeowners what they are looking for and enjoy terrific return-on-investment (ROI), there are at least two sure-fire options:

  • Add a second fireplace* or
  • Add an outdoor fireplace**.

*Fewer than 15% of the homes in the US have more than one fireplace. Because of the rarity of two or more fireplaces, adding a second or third could mean that your home’s total value can increase by up to 12% per added fireplace.

**Homeowners shopping for a luxury home often consider an outdoor fireplace a must-have.

Safe Options in Fireplace Fuel Types

Multiple studies have shown that you cannot go wrong adding a fireplace to your home, no matter what type of fuel is used. Wood-burning fireplaces are a perpetual favorite but, in some areas, gas fireplaces take the top spot. Even electric fireplaces are steadily growing in popularity and ROI, and they need only to be plugged in.

The number of homebuyers that prefer one type of fuel over the other depends upon the age group being surveyed. For instance, close to 59% of home buyers between the ages of 22 and 29 prefer wood-burning heating appliances; for individuals aged 60 and older, the percentage is 67.31. Likewise, 23.64% of the younger group opt for an electric fireplace while only 9.62% of retirees make the same choice.

gas fireplaces, buford gaThe Growing Appeal of Gas Fireplaces

Advances in gas fireplace technology and design have far surpassed the question of being satisfied with faux logs. Yes, the logs available today can be incredibly realistic, depending on how much you spend. Glass fire elements, glowing embers, and various other features add a remarkable range of options. Linear fireplaces, for instance, have completely changed the dynamics and possibilities of gas-fueled heating appliances. The convenience of instant fire and extinguishing them without delay makes gas-fueled appliances desirable, as well.

Secrets of Fireplace Appeal

Why is it that most homebuyers seek a house with a fireplace and a good many will also commit to paying thousands more for a home with a fireplace? The beloved ambiance of a fireplace goes beyond the crackles, pops, mesmerizing flames, and comforting warmth. Research reveals that the following are a few among many uplifting words used to describe the appeal of fireplaces: Love, cozy, home, warmth, beauty, luxury real-estate, relax, ski, mantel, snow, and happy.

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