How to Fix a Smelly Chimney

Atlanta Chimney SweepDo you have an odd smell and cannot figure out where it’s coming from? Try your chimney. Foul odors permeating from the chimney can linger through the whole house. It is one of the biggest complaints that our sweeps hear from customers during the summer months. Installing air fresheners only mask the problem. And when the heat really turns up, closing the windows and turning on the air conditioning will intensify the smell. To eliminate the problem, it must be done from the source and usually includes a thorough chimney cleaning.

All chimneys produce a small odor. The reason it’s less noticeable is due to air being taken from the area and pushed out through the chimney. This typically eliminates a foul aroma by moving the air outside. As draft issues become a problem, air will get stuck inside the chimney and air will be sent back down into the home. As heat and humidity rise, smells will intensify making your living situation quite unbearable.

Luckily there are simple solutions to eliminate the foul odors. The easiest step is to hire a professional chimney sweep to perform an annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection. During the cleaning process, creosote and debris will be removed, giving your chimney more draft space to allow the odor to escape. A chimney cleaning is not always 100% effective. If foul odor remains, it could that be your home has negative air pressure. Try closing the damper when the fireplace is not in use. Another solution is installing a glass fire screen that will help control air pressure. Glass fire screens will reduce the smell from permeating throughout the house.

Summer is the best time to schedule your annual chimney cleaning and safety inspection. Chimney companies busiest seasons are during the fall and spring months, making appointments difficult to schedule on your time. During the off season, schedules become more flexible with better appointment times that fit your calendar.

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