Have Your Gas Fireplace Serviced This Spring           

atlanta ga gas fireplace installSpringtime, a season famously ideal for cleaning up after long winters, is also perfect for scheduling gas fireplace maintenance. Gas fireplaces do a great job of providing instant heat when the weather is cold outside, but don’t let convenience of operation fool you. Annual inspection and cleaning services are as important for gas fireplaces as they are for wood-burning units. Safety and continued proper operation of your gas fireplace are the primary reasons to make a service call to a trusted chimney sweep, like the expert technicians at Chimney Solutions.

Why does a gas fireplace need cleaning?

If a gas fireplace isn’t cleaned regularly, there usually comes a time when the fireplace will no longer light. Or if it does light, it can emit an unpleasant odor. Lack of cleaning is typically the reason for a gas fireplace that smells bad or won’t light. When gas fireplace cleaning is neglected, the following are more of the problems that can occur:

· Debris can build up. This means dust can clog pilot lights, sensors, and vents. Operation of components of the gas fireplace can also be disrupted when a ceramic log set begins to degrade and shed debris.

· Soot needs to be regularly cleaned from the gas fireplace and chimney. Otherwise, the glass doors and the entire fireplace can look grimy. Soot is a combustion byproduct, and it has corrosive qualities. Without routine cleaning, the interior and chimney could begin to deteriorate.

· The glass doors on the fireplace begin to look smudged and dirty, unless they are properly cleaned. It can be hazardous to have sooty glass doors because it can be difficult to see cracks and nicks in the glass, which compromise the safety and function of a gas fireplace.

What is done during gas fireplace inspection?

It’s important to have a professional perform the inspection on your gas fireplace, to ensure that continued use is safe. There are numerous working components, all of which a trained technician will check. There is a danger of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning or a hazardous house fire, if something goes wrong with your gas fireplace. The following are just a few of the many things checked during a gas fireplace inspection:

  • Setup of vermiculites, glowing ember beds, and lava rocks is corrected, if needed.
  • The pilot sensor rod is clean.
  • All wiring connections are secure.
  • The pilot flame is in the gas flow from the main burner, and the main burner lights immediately after the pilot light.
  • Spark stops within 15 seconds after the main burner is lit.
  • Fans, remotes, and glass doors are tested for proper operation.
  • Turn off the unit and check whether the pilot light also goes off, though some are wired to stay on.
  • Use a sensor to check pilot light flame alignment. Basically, the flame should engulf the tip and glow red shortly after lighting.
  • Inspect and clean glass, ensuring property placement and that it latches in place.

gas fireplace maintenance in roswell gaContact the pros at Chimney Solutions

It can be difficult to conduct a proper inspection without knowledge that tells you what to look for. It’s best to schedule servicing of your gas fireplace in spring, when chimney professionals are more likely available to set an appointment at a time convenient to you. Contact the experienced experts at Chimney Solutions by calling 770-771-5501 today, for reliable gas fireplace services.

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