Greater Fireplace Efficiency This Winter

alpharetta ga superior chimney sweepsWhen chilly temperatures are outside, does your smoky fireplace discourage you from getting a cozy fire started inside? Why miss out on the enjoyment of a warm blaze in winter? Schedule a chimney inspection and chimney cleaning to get your fireplace in good shape and running efficiently all winter. There are things you can do throughout the wintry season to help ensure fireplace efficiency.




Your Chimney?

If the condition of your chimney is a total mystery, you are taking a big risk by using your fireplace at all. A fireplace that smokes gives a hint that something is wrong.

Just as a car engine that sputters may require the attention of a good mechanic, a smoky fireplace usually needs attention from a chimney expert to operate properly.

If you schedule a chimney inspection with a certified chimney sweep company, you can put an end to the smoking fireplace debacle in your home. Many different things could be the cause, but the most common reason for a smoky fireplace is creosote buildup. When chimney cleaning is neglected in a wood fireplace, layer after layer of highly flammable creosote collects in the chimney flue. Eventually, the creosote chokes out a healthy draft and combustion byproducts can no longer go up and out through the chimney.

The following are more of the potential reasons your fireplace doesn’t work efficiently:

  • There is debris such as leaves and branches in the chimney.
  • The chimney stack on the roof isn’t tall enough.
  • The home is too airtight and doesn’t allow the fire to get enough oxygen.
  • Traditional open fireplaces that work perfectly still lose more than 90% of the heat up the chimney.

What are You Burning in your Fireplace?

Seasoned firewood is the one thing that should be burned in your fireplace. Wood that’s fresh-cut has too much moisture, and that’s why burning green wood always creates excessive smoke. On top of that, unseasoned firewood leaves a lot more creosote in the flue, contributing further to fire inefficiency. Firewood needs a minimum of six months to dry out and become seasoned, though some types of wood require a year or more.

Do You Have a Fireplace Insert?

Fireplace Insert and fireplace surround in alpharetta gaThere’s only so much that can be done to improve efficiency when you have a built-in masonry fireplace. Adding glass doors will help. If, however, you want to transform your fireplace into a terrific supplemental heat source, have a fireplace insert installed. You could even turn off your central heating system for a while and let your fireplace insert supply some of the warmth in winter. Contact Chimney Solutions for Help with Fireplace Efficiency. Whatever is needed to improve fireplace efficiency in your home, Chimney Solutions in Alpharetta GA can help. Our certified chimney sweeps provide the best chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, and chimney repair in the Greater Atlanta area. We also offer hearth appliances from leading brands and provide expert installation. We can answer all of your questions about fireplace inserts and any of your concerns regarding your fireplace. Why put off making the call for a more efficient fireplace? Contact us at Chimney Solutions by calling 770-255-1300 today.

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