Hints for Upgrading Your Fireplace

Upgrading a fireplace can be accomplished in many different ways. The type of upgrade that’s perfect for you depends on the reason you’re making a change. The main reasons for an upgrade usually fall into a few different categories. Read more below about aesthetic upgrades, efficiency upgrades, and fuel upgrades. Whichever type you get, you’ll need the help of certified chimney experts. In the Atlanta, GA, area, Chimney Solutions is the place to call for a quality fireplace upgrade.

Upgraded Fireplace, Atlanta GAA Fireplace Makeover

There is a lot to be excited about if you want to improve the appearance of your fireplace. The entire surround can be changed, and the professionals at Chimney Solutions have expertise in fireplace makeovers of all kinds. Striking stone surrounds can make you fall in love with your fireplace and count the days till it’s cold outside. The price range for remodeling a fireplace is wide and can fit any budget. You may opt for having decorative tile installed or switching out the mantel. Our technicians can give you the fireplace renovation of your dreams.

An Upgrade in Fireplace Efficiency

You can cut heating costs in winter if you switch to a new EPA-approved efficiency fireplace. Most people opt to have a fireplace insert installed in their masonry or prefab fireplace. Each fireplace insert is specially built to fit inside a particular existing fireplace, but an insert is nothing like traditional fireplaces. Inserts were created in response to stringent EPA requirements. You can still enjoy watching fires with an insert, but the fires are burned in a closed combustion system that also burns most of the smoke. Because of the design of fireplace inserts, the appliances have up to 80% efficiency, which is a huge improvement over the 9% or 10% maximum efficiency of traditional masonry fireplaces.

A Change in Fireplace Fuel

It’s not safe to simply start burning a different fuel in a fireplace that’s built specifically to burn wood. It’s necessary to make at least some type of alteration in order to change the fuel you use. There are many reasons homeowners decide to switch to a gas or pellet fuel fireplace instead of burning firewood. 

Switching to Gas Fuel

There is usually no hindrance to making a change from a wood-burning masonry fireplace to gas other than the absence of a convenient gas line. It can be very expensive to have a new gas or propane line run into a house, but it is doable. 

Oftentimes, it’s a desire to enjoy convenient fires that prompts a change to gas. Although wood fires are much beloved, a lot of time and work goes into cutting, hauling, and storing firewood, not to mention constant monitoring of fires. For busy families, gas fireplaces are ideal. Simply push a button or flip a switch, and the blaze is started. Turning the fire off is just as uncomplicated.

Switching to Pellet Fuel

The most efficient solid fuel heating appliance you can get is fueled by pellets. The small 1 ½-inch pellets are made with highly compressed wood waste such as wood chips and sawdust, and moisture content is extremely low. A pellet appliance requires a small amount of electricity to operate because of a fan that’s necessary to keep all components working. An excellent fireplace upgrade could involve a switch to a pellet fireplace.

Chimney Professionals, Atlanta GAContact Chimney Solutions today

The chimney sweep experts at Chimney Solutions can provide you with the ideal fireplace upgrade. With our expertise, we can answer all of your questions and help ensure that the upgrade you get is one you will be happy with for a long time to come. Contact us, as well, for chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney maintenance, masonry repairs, and more by calling (770) 771-5501.

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