What To Look For When Hiring A Chimney Sweep

Did you move into a home with a fireplace, or has it just been a while since your fireplace and chimney have had a thorough cleaning? If so, you are probably looking for a chimney sweep service; it’s important to know what to look for when hiring a chimney sweep. The right chimney sweep can make all the difference in the lifespan and safety of your fireplace and chimney.

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Why Hire a Chimney Sweep Service?

Aside from the maintenance of your chimney, many hidden dangers could be lurking in your fireplace and chimney. Here are the most common.

Water Damage

Moisture seeping into your chimney is the most common and damaging thing that can happen to a masonry chimney. Qualified chimney sweep services are trained and experienced in finding water damage, including water stains, a mildew smell, or brick-and-mortar deterioration. They use the latest technology, like thermal imaging or moisture meters, to uncover concealed leaks. After the leaks are located, repairs may include:
–  Sealing your chimney with a waterproof sealer.
–  Installing or replacing a chimney cap.
–  Fixing any cracks in the chimney’s crown or the roof’s flashing.

Water damage can cause structural instability from spalling (flaking or chipping of your chimney’s bricks), breakdown of your chimney’s flue lining, and probable mold growth, which will impact your family, especially those with asthma or allergies. Water damage must not be ignored because it will cause expensive problems if left unattended.

Chimney Fires

Regardless of whether you are aware, your chimney is a constant fire hazard. When a chimney sweep service examines your chimney, the chimney sweeps are on the lookout for signs of creosote (a very flammable byproduct of burning logs in your fireplace), which build up inside your chimney. A chimney sweep service will remove creosote with specialized brushes and solutions.

Chimney Blockages

A qualified chimney sweep service will guarantee your chimney has no blockages. Things like a bird or squirrel nest, trash, or a faulty damper can trap the deadly gas carbon monoxide in your home. Nothing is more dangerous to your family than this silent killer.

How Do I Find a Reputable Chimney Sweep Service?

A good chimney sweep service should meet CSIA recommendations.


A chimney sweep who is CSIA or a Certified Chimney Sweep Professional by the National Chimney Sweep Guild is sure to be trained and knowledgeable. You can count a certified chimney sweep service to know what it’s doing.

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Good training is a good start, but nothing beats experience. While certifications train chimney techs what to do, there are things not taught about fireplaces and chimneys in training classes; an experienced chimney sweep has seen it all and will rarely be surprised.


An insured chimney sweep means that the cost of any damage caused while servicing your fireplace and chimney will not fall on you.


Are their associates polite and knowledgeable when you speak to them on the phone? Do they reply to your emails? Are they punctual? Do they dress professionally? Do they clean up when they are finished? You can find out for yourself or check online reviews to see what other customers wrote.


The quote you received shouldn’t change, and you should be provided with another quote if more services are needed.

Safety Practices

The chimney sweep you hire should adhere to CSIA guidelines and always puts safety first.

Chose Chimney Solutions as Your Chimney Sweep

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