What to Know Before Hiring a Chimney Sweep

With summer winding down and fall in front of us, you may be rightly thinking about having a chimney sweep service clean and inspect your fireplace and chimney. That is an excellent idea, it is wise to make sure your fireplace and chimney are clean, free of obstructions, and in good order, but there is more you should consider. Here is what to know before you hire a chimney sweep.

Chimney Cleaning Marietta GAWhy Use a Chimney Sweep?

Cleaning and inspecting a chimney is not a do-it-yourself job; extensive training and specialized tools are required to complete the task properly. A good chimney sweep will be certified and licensed. The chimney specialist who will clean and inspect your chimney has undergone extensive training and can recognize issues inside and outside your chimney that you can’t. Do you know how to recognize creosote buildup and what type of brush and extender you need to clean it? A trained chimney sweep will be able to identify it and remove it.

What to Look for in a Chimney Sweep

As we mentioned, a good chimney sweep service will have chimney sweeps certified by CSIA or NFI. As with any business being a member of the Better Business Bureau is an excellent indicator that a chimney sweep service can be trusted. You can also check their Yelp and Google pages for customer reviews to determine if their customers are satisfied or not.

What a Chimney Sweep Should do for You

A chimney sweep service should do two things when they come to your home. They should thoroughly clean your chimney while at the same time performing a basic inspection called a level one inspection. If they find something that needs to be addressed during the inspection, they will inform you and perform a level two inspection. If that occurs, they should explain the problem and put it in writing for you to review.

Why Have Your Chimney Cleaned?

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, it is essential that your chimney be cleaned at least annually to avoid the buildup of a substance called creosote. If your chimney has a buildup of creosote, not only will it produce a pungent smell that can permeate your home, it can be a hazard that causes a chimney fire. Once your chimney is on fire, it can quickly spread to your roof and the rest of your house. A chimney specialist will ensure that all the creosote is removed from your chimney, so your home is safe and doesn’t have a foul smell.

Chimneys can also become blocked, especially if there is no chimney cap. Debris such as leaves, trash, pine needles, and even bird nests can clog your flue. A blocked flue is dangerous because when the gases from a fire can’t vent, they will come back into your home. You may not even realize it’s happening with gases such as carbon monoxide, which are invisible and odorless. By having your chimney cleaned, you are removing obstructions that can put you and your family at risk.

Professional Chimney Sweep, Atlanta GATo Sum Up

When seeking a chimney sweep, look for one that has good credentials and reviews. Ask the chimney sweep about the cleaning and inspections they will perform on your chimney. When you find a chimney sweep remember to have them perform annual cleanings to keep your chimney clean and safe.

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