Home Improvements 101- The Chimney Liner

Chimney ReliningWhether you are buying a house or just doing some improvements around your current home, making sure your chimney liner is in good condition and functioning properly is of utmost importance. Because the chimney liner is a crucial part of the fireplace & chimney system, it imperative that you have the liner inspected & cleaned when you move into a new home and annual thereafter.

Your chimney liner services three main purposes:

1) Protects the house from heat transfer from combustibles, decreasing the chance of a chimney fire.

2) Protects the masonry & mortar from corrosive by products of combustion, increasing the usable life of your chimney.

3) Provides the correct size flue to optimize efficiency from your heating appliances.

Having your chimney liner inspected by a certified chimney sweep can detect cracks or deterioration that could be interfering with the performance of your chimney system. There are a number of reasons why your chimney needs a new liner, none of which should be ignored. Here’s a look at some common reasons homeowners opt for chimney relining.

Old Chimney

If you live in an older home, your chimney may not be lined at all. Before the 1940’s, building & fire codes did not require chimneys to have a liner. Unlined chimneys allow heat and combustible to travel quickly through chimney system, heating up adjacent woodwork rapidly and increasing the chance of a chimney fire. Without a chimney liner, acidic and corrosive byproducts from combustion eat away at the masonry materials which can cause cracks or leaks that can allow C02 into your living space. If you want to extend the life of your chimney, protect your home from chimney fires, and keep dangerous gases from escaping your flue, it’s important that you have your older chimney lined.

Chimney LiningNew Heating Appliance

When you upgrade or add a new heating appliance like a wood stove, gas or oil furnace, or a fireplace insert, the correct size chimney liner may be required for the unit to function properly. In order to get the optimum efficiency from your heating unit, you must ensure that the chimney liner is the proper size. Your chimney is not only responsible for allowing gases & byproducts to exit the house, but it also brings in a draft that supplies air to the combustion process. An incorrectly size flue can lead to an excessive formation of flammable creosote and even chimney drafting problems that allow smoke to enter into your living space instead of exiting up and out of the chimney.

Damaged or Deteriorating Liner

If your chimney was lined years ago, there is a chance that it is deteriorating. Clay liners are especially vulnerable to deterioration after years of usage, so should be checked regularly if it is older than a decade. If you notice bits of crumbled liner falling into your firebox, it’s time to call in the professionals. A cracker or deteriorating liner can leave your home as vulnerable as if there was no liner at all.

Understanding the importance of certain components in your home, such as the chimney liner, can help you feel better about making necessary home improvements to keep your home and family out of harm’s way. If you have any questions about the state of your liner, contact our chimney professionals today!

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