How to Prepare Your Home for a Chimney Inspection


Chimney Inspection In Atlanta, GAIt’s important to properly maintain your chimney to avoid potentially hazardous situations like chimney fires, chimney blockages,  moldy flues, creosote buildup, and external damage. By scheduling an inspection you can lower your risk of a fire, reduce the risk of flue blockage, and maybe even get rid of that peculiar odor you keep smelling. Not to mention scheduling a chimney cleaning can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run, especially when preventative care and inspections cost a fraction of replacing your chimney due to damage. That being said, there are a few things you should do before your upcoming inspection to make sure everything goes smoothly.

Clear All Chimney-Related Surfaces

When you’re prepping your house for a chimney inspection you should first clear all surfaces near the chimney, like holiday decorations, and ensure that your mantel place is clear of any obstructions, even that little elf on the shelf!

It’s also important to clear access to your chimney before a chimney specialist can inspect and sweep your chimney. Your inspector will need room for various tools and equipment to scrub your chimney efficiently!

Protect Your Furniture from Chimney-Sweep Debris

I don’t think anyone likes getting soot on their carpet, much less their furniture! To prevent any debris that may come out of your flue, cover and secure all furniture with a cloth or plastic covering. You may also want to place a covering along the carpet near the fireplace.

Place Pets Away from Chimney Inspection Areas

We all love visits from our furry friends but to ensure everyone stays safe and for an efficient and successful cleaning, all pets should be in their allotted carriers or away from the fireplace. If you’re comfortable with leaving your certified chimney specialist to their cleaning, we recommend taking the dog for a walk while your chimney tech makes sure everything’s in order.

fireplace addition Chimney Solutions Buford, GACool Your Fireplace

It’s vital that you let your fireplace cool before your inspection. It’s recommended that you allow for at least 24 hours for your fireplace to cool before your allotted inspection time. For both our specialists’ safety and your own, your fireplace should be cool to the touch for the chimney inspection to be the most efficient.

Existing Chimney Issues

Lastly, always notify your trusted chimney specialist of any concerns or issues like the last time you used your fireplace, or if you’ve noticed a peculiar odor near the chimney. We recommend jotting down a few notes when you initially make the chimney inspection to ensure we leave no stone unturned.

We know that with all of life’s hustle and bustle, scheduling your chimney inspection may not be a priority for you. We highly recommend you take preventative measures to sweep and maintain your chimney with one of our trusted CSIA-certified chimney techs, so these potential issues can be avoided or fixed, post haste!

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