Identifying Staining on Chimneys

chimney stains in atlanta gaDoes your chimney have staining or discoloration you’ve been wondering about? There are many different reasons a chimney may have staining, and some are associated with severe damage than can threaten chimney safety. Information follows about identifying chimney staining. However, the best course of action is to schedule a chimney inspection by a professional without delay, once you’ve noticed any discoloration. The sooner chimney damage is tended to, the cheaper the repair costs. You will be free to relax on cold winter nights and simply enjoy your beautiful fireplace by having the problem diagnosed and treated properly.

Black Stains On Chimney

Black staining on exterior chimney masonry is usually an indication that the chimney is long past due for cleaning and maintenance. Soot and creosote buildup inside the flue is pretty bad when the top of the chimney has black stains, due to runoff. The following are more reasons for black stains on a chimney:

  • You may begin to see black stains on your chimney if your burn the wrong kinds of materials, such as green wood, cardboard, and paper. Only burn seasoned wood in your fireplace.
  • If you have a gas fireplace, soot stains usually indicate that the fuel is burning incorrectly.
  • Black stains on the chimney of a gas fireplace could also mean there is a carbon monoxide leak.

White Stains On Chimney

Efflorescence is the cause of white stains on a chimney. Efflorescence means that water in the masonry has mixed with mineral salt. The mixture then moves through the brick and evaporates on the exterior chimney wall. Because of the presence of moisture, it is important to have the chimney checked by a chimney specialist. Too much water in the masonry can cause severe deterioration that ultimately requires a partial or full chimney rebuild.

Green Stains On Chimney

The growth of algae and mold causes dark green stains on a chimney. A chimney crown will usually prevent this from happening. But if the umbrella-like function of the crown isn’t in place, water will flow over the masonry frequently, making it vulnerable to mold growth. This may be harmless, but exposure to moisture can ultimately lead to a lot worse problems than unsightly plant life.

Brown or Reddish Stains On Chimney

Most of the time, when a chimney and also perhaps the side of the home next to a chimney has brown or red stains, it is caused by moisture getting into a metal or prefabricated chimney. Metal chase covers are highly prone to developing rust. If the chase cover isn’t repaired or replaced, red, orange, and dark brown rust stains on the chase will become obvious.

chimney waterproofing and repair in alpharetta gaPrevention Recommended

Most of the problems that cause staining on chimneys are associated with moisture. An effective way to protect your chimney masonry from the deterioration caused by moisture is to have your chimney exterior waterproofed. The issues associated with maintenance can usually be solved by scheduling annual chimney inspections and regular chimney cleaning. Call the licensed, certified chimney experts at Chimney Solutions today at 770-771-5501 to schedule any chimney services you may need.

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