How to Strengthen and Improve Chimney Draft Performance

Have you ever suffered the suffocating effects of a drafty fireplace? If so, you may be glad to learn how to strengthen and improve chimney draft performance. Fireplace efficiency depends on a well-functioning chimney draft. You’ll know the essential chimney draft is inadequate if the room fills with smoke when you light a fire. There are things you can do yourself to improve chimney draft performance. However, a reliable chimney sweep may be needed. In Atlanta, Chattanooga, and surrounding areas, the most trusted chimney technicians are at Chimney Solutions. Ways to fix chimney draft problems follow.

checking chimney draft performance in Woodstock GAWhat is “Chimney Draft?”

The term “chimney draft” is a reference to the ability of air to freely move up and out through the chimney flue. The strength of the chimney draft is generated by the difference in temperature between indoor air and outdoor air. A negative pressure zone is created that draws fresh air from the room as warm air rises. This fuels combustion and expels smoke and fumes. Many factors affect the chimney draft, and those factors will be implied as we go straight to some of the solutions to a poor chimney draft.

Check for Chimney Blockage

An obstruction inside the chimney flue is the most obvious reason a chimney draft isn’t working right. If you have a wood-burning fireplace, creosote buildup could be the cause of chimney blockage. If you don’t have a chimney cap or if you have a cap with no mesh, the following could also be the reason for blockage that negatively affects the chimney draft:

  • Critters are in your chimney
  • Animal nests
  • Leaves
  • Other debris from nature

A Dirty Chimney

Airflow in a chimney flue is restricted if there is a buildup of soot and creosote inside the chimney system. To maintain optimal performance of the chimney draft, schedule routine chimney cleaning with chimney professionals. Creosote is the primary cause of a dirty chimney, and it is only easy to remove in one of three of its primary forms.

Use Proper Fuel and Burning Methods

It is important to only burn seasoned (or low moisture) firewood. Fresh-cut wood is bursting with moisture. When it is burned, the heat is used up in burning out the moisture. That’s why green wood produces so much smoke. 

It takes from 6 months to a year for firewood to dry out adequately. A low-cost moisture meter can be used to help you determine whether your firewood has the recommended moisture content, which is 20% or less. 

Offset Negative Pressure

Homes today are often so airtight that fireplaces aren’t naturally supplied with needed air. Hence, if your chimney draft is inefficient, it could be because of negative air pressure. An easy test for this is to open a nearby window. A CSIA-certified chimney technician can help you find a permanent solution to negative air pressure, thereby strengthening and improving the chimney draft performance.

improving a chimney draft performance in Stone Mountain GA

Schedule Help with Your Chimney Draft Today

Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Solutions tend to get excited when a customer asks how to strengthen and improve chimney draft performance. Ultimately, this is what our work is all about. Our chimney maintenance services are rated top-notch. We love to help ensure the proper operation of solid fuel heating appliances. Our comprehensive services include chimney cleaning, chimney inspections, fixing chimney leaks, improving chimney draft performance, masonry repair, chimney cap installation, fireplace installation, and chimney liner replacement. 

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