Is Chimney Waterproofing Necessary?

Imagine enjoying a good summer afternoon thunderstorm. You’re sitting on your porch, listening to the rain while comfortably dry and cozy indoors. That’s the way it should be with the water remaining outdoors. But what happens when moisture gets inside your home? Nothing good, that’s for sure! Your chimney is very susceptible to water intrusion. So, is waterproofing necessary to prevent this? Read on to find out!

leaky chimney damage, brookhaven gaWhat causes a chimney to leak?

As with anything that gets regular use, your chimney will eventually experience wear and tear. These can lead to larger problems, such as chimney leaks. But what causes a chimney to leak in the first place?

At the heart of the answer is our first reason why waterproofing is necessary. The materials that make up your chimney structure, such as a missing cap or damaged flashing, can contribute to leaks. In addition, if you have spalling brick, a broken or missing crown, or even just small cracks in your mortar it can cause leaks throughout the chimney structure and your home.

Waterproofing can help prevent…fires?

Within your chimney is your flue tile. This helps to mitigate the effects of heat while directing smoke out of the home. If these tiles are missing or damaged, it puts your chimney and house at a greater risk of fire.

Waterproofing protects your flue and prolongs its life. Therefore, start by having your Chimney Solutions tech apply a layer of waterproofing to the outside of your chimney. Then, they can also insert a waterproof membrane. Together, these will maximize your waterproofing protection.

How long does a chimney last?

Did you know that, with adequate and ongoing waterproofing, the average age of a chimney is between 50 to 100 years? However, depending on how the weather, the life of your chimney can be significantly shorter. All it takes is a bit of proactive care with necessary waterproofing!

Other methods to prevent water damage

Today, we’ve focused on whether waterproofing is necessary. Primarily, we’ve been focused on the process of applying a sealant or internal membrane. However, other parts of your chimney structure can help prevent water damage, and we’ve already alluded to each of them. Those are:

  • Replacing a missing chimney cap;
  • Repairing or replacing a damaged chimney crown, and;
  • Properly installing damaged or missing flashing;

chimney waterproofing experts, atlanta gaIs waterproofing necessary? In a word, yes!

Masonry materials are inherently porous. This means that they’re susceptible to the effects of water, which can then lead to other problems within your chimney and home. The longer these problems are let be, the greater the repair costs.

That’s why it’s always best to work with a company that can fix the existing damage, and then apply various waterproofing techniques to protect your chimney. Our team can easily handle these tasks and more, including an annual sweep and inspection.

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