Keep Your Fireplace a Centerpiece All Year Long With These Tips

gas fireplace centerpiece in alpharetta ga What are you doing with your fireplace during the off-season?  That’s a question people don’t normally ask themselves, because people usually think of a fireplace as nothing more than an appliance in which to start a fire on cold nights.  The truth is, that’s only a small part of a fireplace’s potential.

In Georgia, unlike, say, Minnesota and North Dakota, we don’t run our fireplaces eight or nine months out of the year.  We have a lot of months where our fireplaces just sit there, when they could be performing double-duty.  How?

What can you do with a fireplace?

Your unused fireplace can easily become a centerpiece of the room when you use a little creativity and passion to bring it alive.  Decorative ideas abound, and without spending an arm and a leg, you can design wonderful displays with your imagination as the only limit.

With a completely clean firebox and a closed damper as your palette, here are some ideas you can build on.

Make a display of collectibles: From decorative plates and vases to sports memorabilia and seashells, you can set up a picturesque scene inside your firebox.  Add a few rows of small twinkling lights for extra effect.

A literary theme: Your fireplace can be a mini bookcase with books old or new.  Throw in a few antiques such as candle holders or dolls or whatever you think will add a little pizazz.

Contemplative meditation: Consider bringing a relaxing feel to the room with a stunning display of all different sizes and shapes of scented candles.  Compliment with several incense burners, and you’ve got a sensory centerpiece that speaks peace and tranquility all day and night.

The bursting colors of fresh flowers: Visit your florist or go pick some beautiful spring and summer wildflowers to bring sensation color to your fireplace and the whole room.  Get creative with vases, baskets and other receptacles.  Artificial flowers will work just about as well, if you don’t want to spend the money to keep fresh flowers in the display.

Themes for kids: If you have children, you no doubt have plenty of drawings, paintings, models, clay pieces and more to use as part of an awesome fireplace display.  As the off-season rolls along, get your kids to create even more pieces especially for the fireplace.

beautiful fireplace centerpiece in cumming ga These ideas should get you thinking about how to create your own unique fireplace centerpiece.  As you plan, don’t forget the mantle and wall space surrounding the fireplace.  Your theme can spread out to these areas as well.

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