How To Keep Snow Out Of Your Chimney This Winter

There’s a lot to love about cozy winter weather, but one thing we don’t love is the way snow can damage your chimney. As the snow starts to melt, the moisture can cause damage to your masonry and affect the overall structure of your chimney. To keep your chimney working for years to come, you’ll need to take precautionary measures to keep the snow out of your chimney.

Tilted chimney needing repair, Atlanta GADoes snow damage your chimney?

Over the course of the winter, snow can build up on your roof and make its way into your chimney. It’s also possible for ice dams to form, which trap moisture in your chimney rather than letting it flow out onto your roof. As the snow and ice start to melt, they will flow into your chimney and settle in the spaces between bricks.

This water will continue to freeze and melt as the temperatures go up and down. When this happens, the water contracts and expands, which can cause the bricks and mortar in your chimney to move. Over time, the masonry can deteriorate and the chimney may start to tilt. Additionally, this excess water can cause staining on both the interior and exterior of the chimney. It also makes your fireplace more difficult to clean.

How can I keep snow out of my chimney?

Luckily, these problems are preventable with a little bit of foresight. Here’s what you can do to keep snow out of your chimney this winter.

Schedule an annual chimney inspection.

Many people don’t notice that their chimney has a problem until it is too late to fix it. Annual chimney inspections can help you catch problems before they get out of control. Ideally, you will want to schedule your chimney inspection during the warmer months so that you have extra time to make repairs if necessary. However, you can schedule chimney inspections in the winter as well.

Install a chimney cap

Chimney caps are one of the most effective ways to keep water out of your chimney. The cap sits on top of the chimney to prevent large amounts of water or debris from falling in. A vent allows smoke and heat to flow out from the chimney as normal.

Repair your flashing

Flashing is made of thin yet durable sheets of metal and provides an extra layer of waterproofing for your chimney. If your flashing is damaged or not installed properly, snow can leak in through your roof and cause damage. If you’re worried about snow damage this winter, installing new flashing can help prevent problems.
Flashing Chimney Repair Peach Tree City, GA

Add a cricket to your chimney

A cricket is a triangular roofing structure that diverts snow and water away from your chimney. The angle of the cricket makes it easy for water to flow off of the chimney rather than getting stuck there. You’ll need to hire a professional to install your cricket, but it’s a good long-term investment to protect your chimney. The Atlanta area is having an unusually snowy winter, and it’s important to be prepared. Chimney Solutions can help you get your chimney ready for future snowstorms. Give us a call at (770)-709-6648 or contact us online.

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