Less Money Goes Up in Smoke With These Fireplaces

Many things were just better in the “good old days,” but fireplaces aren’t among them. Beloved masonry fireplaces are seriously flawed, and homeowners have figured it out as heating costs have continuously gotten higher. The problem is that the heat from a masonry fireplace goes up with the smoke instead of going into your home. Thanks to laws from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that started going into effect in 1992, solid fuel-burning appliances have become much eco-friendlier. You can buy a new fireplace and watch your heating costs go down because the money to pay for home heating will no longer go up in smoke.

Efficient Wood-Burning Fireplaces

When you replace an open-hearth fireplace with a fireplace insert or any other EPA-certified fireplace, you’ll notice the difference the first time you get a fire going in winter. The heat produced by fires now goes into the home, and smoke emissions are reduced by 85 percent. Modern fireplaces meet required clean-burning standards due to innovation in design. For instance, in some fireplaces, conditions are created so that fuel, oxygen, and heat not only increase combustion but also burn off gases, smoke, and particulate matter before they exit through the chimney.

A Serious Supplemental Heat Source with Ambiance

No longer does a fireplace need to be merely an architectural focal point and not useful for much else. If you buy a heater-rated factory-built fireplace or fireplace insert and use fans and blowers for circulation, you may be able to rely on your fireplace to sufficiently heat a large area of your home and give central heating a rest.

The Convenience of a Gas Fireplace

You may be able to convert your existing fireplace into a gas fireplace, which will also maximize your energy dollars. Gas achieves complete combustion, and more than 90% of the heat from a gas fireplace will cozy up your home with real warmth.

EPA-approved free-standing gas fireplaces are highly efficient, and having one installed in your home can help you increase your enjoyment of home fires. Gas fireplaces get fired up and turn off at the touch of a button. You can have gas fireplaces installed in various rooms of your home and use zone heating during winter. This means turning off the central heating system and using only the free-standing gas fireplace in the room you’re in.

New and Improved Pilot Systems

Innovation in home heating has also been applied to pilot systems for gas fireplaces. Some gas fireplaces and inserts have intermittent pilot ignition systems. They provide an ignition flame only when it’s needed. This conserves fuel and money, since it eliminates the continuous flames used in more traditional gas pilot ignition systems.

Contact Chimney Solutions

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