Even Unused Fireplaces Need A Chimney Cap

Unless you want any of several highly troublesome problems, you need a chimney cap even if your fireplace is never used. A chimney cap is installed at the top of the chimney flue. Flue tops are available for a range of prices, depending on the durability of the material they are made with. More aesthetically pleasing chimney caps are available, as well, and some varieties can also provide additional protection against moisture. Below, learn more about the essential advantages of having a chimney cap plus additional details about the more decorative-looking outside-mount custom chimney caps.

chimney cap replacement, fayetteville georgiaWhy is a Chimney Cap Necessary?

Chimney caps or flue top covers provide several crucial benefits. The most basic benefit of a chimney cap is also of utmost importance, which is keeping rain, sleet, and snow from going directly down your chimney. When a chimney is built, every component is designed to keep moisture out because it destroys the masonry. Because chimney caps keep moisture out of the home and flue liner, it makes little sense that they are considered mere accessories for the home.


If water gets in your chimney liner, the moisture can cause deterioration. A crack in the liner creates danger whenever the fireplace is used. Those hazards include potential exposure to deadly carbon monoxide and a home fire resulting from combustible parts of the home being exposed to extreme heat.

The moisture in a flue liner can also cause rusting of the damper and components in the fireplace. If a damper does not seal properly, it is like having a window open year-round, which drives up utility costs.

Keep Out Animals

It is not just a rumor that snakes, squirrels, raccoons, birds, and various other critters enter chimneys if there is no chimney cap. A plethora of problems occur because of animal activity in a chimney. Of course, animal waste is toxic and needs to be removed. Sometimes animals cannot get back out. Unless the animals are rescued in time, they die inside chimneys, creating an unimaginable stench.

Chimney swifts are migratory birds that especially like to go inside of chimneys, though they likely prefer their natural habitats, which are hollowed-out trees. These migratory birds are protected by the federal government, and it is against the law to remove them. The hassles of being host to nesting chimney swifts include hearing the noisy ruckus caused by chirping baby birdies for a few weeks, chimney blockage caused by birds’ nests, and dealing with copious amounts of bird waste.

Prevent Potential Fires

The mesh on a chimney cap that keeps out animals also serves as a spark guard. Floating embers often go up a chimney, and they can start a fire on the roof or nearby. The mesh will usually prevent burning sparks from exiting the chimney.

full-width chimney cap, roswell gaOutside-Mount Custom Chimney Caps Vs Flue Caps

Anyone concerned that a flue cap will detract from the overall aesthetic appeal of the home exterior can, instead, order an outside-mount custom chimney cap. In addition to being more eye-pleasing, an outside-mount custom chimney cap covers the chimney top in its entirety. This can ultimately reduce the overall cost of chimney maintenance because this type of chimney cap protects  the entire chimney crown.

Chimney crowns are quite vulnerable to the elements and tend to crack. A damaged chimney crown allows moisture to seep into the masonry system. This can result in a chimney leak and will ultimately necessitate a partial or complete chimney masonry rebuild.

Prevent Downdrafts

Downdrafts of wind are prevented from entering your chimney flue if you have a chimney cap installed. A chimney downdraft or backdraft can cause the toxic combustion fumes from a fire to enter your home instead of going up and out of the chimney. If the fireplace is not in use, downdrafts bring outdoor temperatures into the home in great gusts. They can also blow toxic soot and creosote from the chimney liner into the home.

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