Why Do You Need A Chimney Chase Cover

Chimneys stand tall against the elements. We often forget about them needing maintenance or we can even be oblivious to the tools and equipment that it takes to enhance their durability or lengthen their lifespan. If you are interested in keeping your chimney working properly for years to come it’s time to think about a chase cover.

Chimney Case Cover Installation in Alpharetta GA

What is a Chase Cover

The “chase” is the structural part of your chimney that you see from the roof to the top of the chimney. A chase cover is a metal pan that covers the top of the chase to keep it from damage caused by water or freezing

Why You Need a Chase Cover

If your chimney chase is made of wood or masonry this makes it susceptible to water damage. A chase cover allows flue gases and smoke to escape while protecting it from rain and snow. The chase cover can include cross breaks that prevent water and snow from accumulating on top of it and drip edges that send water away from the chimney. Waterproofing the top of your chimney using a chase cover can save you from waterlogged bricks or warped wood.

What type of Chase Cover is Best 

There are a variety of choices when it comes to chase covers.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel chase covers are a favorite due to their durability and resistance to rust, however, galvanized steel has been known to rust within 7 years.

Powder Coated Steel

Powder coating refers to the way color is applied. This method lasts much longer than paint because it simply won’t stick. If you aren’t thrilled by the plain-looking nature of stainless steel, with powder-coated steel you can match the color of your roof or shutters for a look that has more curb appeal.


Copper chase covers are very appealing. Especially if you have other copper accents on your home. They are durable but do patina over time, if you want to know what your cover will look like over time, imagine a very old penny.

Rusted Chimney Chase Cover Repairs in Atlanta GAAluminum

Many consider aluminum a low-cost option to stainless steel because its durability and longevity is comparable. Like steel, it can hold up for quite a while but does have about a 7-year lifespan before rust takes its toll.

Chimney Chase Cover Installation 

The good news is that many companies offer lifetime warranties no matter what type of chase cover you choose for your Wood Factory Built Fireplace. If you have a chase cover but have noticed rust stains on top or down the sides of your chimney it’s important to have it inspected immediately to prevent any more damage occurring to the rest of your chimney.

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