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What is the Purpose of a Fireplace Screen?

Cozying up to a fire in winter is among the wonderful pleasures of a fireplace. But you may wonder, “What Read more

How To Prepare For A Chimney Inspection

You scheduled your annual chimney inspection, now what? You want to be prepared when Chimney Solutions shows up for your appointment. Read more

What To Look For When Hiring A Chimney Sweep

Did you move into a home with a fireplace, or has it just been a while since your fireplace and Read more

Chimney Anatomy You Should Know

Your chimney may look like nothing more than a brick structure standing on your roof; however, it’s a complex system Read more

How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Chimney

As we prepare for the summer with our filled calendars don’t let your guard down on the maintenance of your Read more

Why Is My Chimney Discolored?

Have you ever noticed that your chimney appears to be discolored? If so, you’ve probably also both wondered if there Read more

Why Relining Your Chimney Is Worth It

A cement or clay-lined chimney will last you about 50 years. If you have a newer home, this may not Read more

Tips for Summer Chimney Maintenance

If you’re like most homeowners with a fireplace, once summer arrives, the last thing on your mind is chimney maintenance Read more

Why Now Is The Best Time For Masonry Repairs

Is your chimney and your fireplace in need of repair? Does your chimney have issues such as broken bricks, loose Read more

Fire Pit Tips & Safety Advice

You have more options than you may be aware of as you consider a backyard fire pit. Fires by moonlight Read more

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