How To Prevent Mold In Your Chimney

Chimney Cap Installation - Atlanta GAOne of the scariest things you can hear is there is mold in your home! Everyone knows about mold growing inside the walls or under your floor, but did you know one of the most common spots mold grows is your chimney? The summer months bring extra rain and humidity increases the moisture in your chimney, which can produce mold. Unless you peak inside your chimney, the only signs may be trouble breathing or sickness.

Mold should never be taken lightly, here are some tips to help keep mold out of your chimney:

Why Does Mold Grow in the Chimney?
Mold can grow anywhere; there is no mystery about it. When there is moisture, you can count on mold to follow. With higher humidity and extra rainfall in summer, your chimney will produce more moisture than normal, and if your chimney is not properly protected water will enter through the flue. Your chimney is the perfect spot for mold to grow, because it is a dark, damp space, which provides the perfect atmosphere for spores to multiply.

Who Should You Call if There is Mold?
If you believe mold is in your chimney, the first step should be to contact a certified chimney sweep. Today’s technology allows for a clear picture of what is inside your chimney. A sweep can give you a detailed report on why there is mold, and ways to remove the mold and keep it from coming back. Typically water and moisture enter through leaks in the flashing or a faulty chimney cap. Make sure your chimney sweep is equipped to remove mold, if not call a specialist.

How do I Prevent Chimney Mold in the Future?
The best course of action is precaution. When a quality chimney cap is installed, it prevents rain and other moisture from entering into the chimney, helping eliminate mold from growing. Waterproofing the chimney is another effective tool to help stop the spread of spores. Scheduling an annual chimney cleaning will help prevent mold by detecting any issues before it becomes a major problem. During the inspection, your chimney sweep will show you any issues that may be occurring within your chimney.

If you notice leaking or have difficulty breathing in your home, contact Chimney Solutions. We can perform a thorough inspection to ensure your chimney is functioning properly and address any chimney concerns you may have.

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