Preventing or Removing Raccoons

RacoonFor an expecting mother raccoon, your chimney is the perfect place to give birth and raise her young until they are old enough and have the experience to roam free. Your chimney is an ideal size for a nursery, and provides enough shelter to keep her babies dry and safe from predators.
But to you, the raccoons are nothing more than a nuisance. Raccoons, and other animals, can enter your chimney and sometimes get stuck. An animal might die in your chimney, creating a horrendous odor. An animal’s nest could cause a blockage, preventing toxic fumes from exiting you home, creating a safety hazard for you and your family.

Here are tips to prevent and remove those pesky critters:

  • To avoid animals like raccoons from calling your chimney home, hire a professional chimney cleaning company to install a chimney cap, which will cover the opening to your chimney.
  • Regardless of the situation, never use smoke or fire to drive animals out of your chimney. Fire or smoke can kill the animals, and by opening the damper to ventilate the fire in your fireplace, you risk the animals falling into your fireplace and into your home.
  • Try odor deterrents like predator urine to help drive away the animals or set-up specialized traps designed for chimneys that can catch raccoons and animals as they leave. After the animals leave, contact a chimney cleaning service to remove any nesting or debris left behind, and inspects your chimney for any damage.
  • If those options aren’t effective, don’t try to remove the animals by hand by yourself. These critters often carry diseases including rabies and can become aggressive if threatened. Contact with the animals can put you at risk, and the animal’s well-being.

Our chimney technicians are trained to remove animals like raccoons in a humane and ethical manner. Contact Chimney Solutions immediately if you suspect you have raccoons or other animals living in your chimney.

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