3 Problems Common to even the Best Wood Stoves

Wood Stove Repair - Atlanta GAToday’s wood-burning stoves are stellar examples of technological advancements in eco-friendly heating, and they come in many beautiful styles that can fit with virtually any décor. There is an undeniable simplicity to these appliances, but there are still a few common problems with wood-burning stoves that many people experience. Our chimney professionals can help you address any issues you may have. The following is information about the three most common wood-burning stove problems, which also happen to be among the few problems users have with them.

1 – Owners of new wood burning stoves might be alarmed to discover that there is a strong odor of paint when they use their new appliance. The paint smell is normal, however. The paint on a wood-burning stove is often still in the curing stage. The odor should completely go away within a few days. It is not typical for the odor to linger beyond four days of use, and it’s best to contact the manufacturer if that happens.

2 – Owners of old wood burning stoves often find that replacement parts are needed but are unavailable because they are discontinued. If this results in replacing an inefficient stove with one of the newer styles that are much more environmentally friendly, it’s not such a bad thing. But even new models of wood burning stoves may at some point need obsolete replacement parts to continue being used. When a new wood stove becomes a necessity, the expense is still far easier on your pocketbook than replacement or rebuild of a traditional masonry fireplace.

3 – Most of the problems with the operation of a wood stove usually come down to one issue, which is the draft or a smoky stove. There are numerous possible causes of a draft problem with a wood-burning stove, and the following are some of the more common issues:

  • Best Wood Stoves AtlantaA home that is too well sealed can cause negative air pressure, which can prevent the stove from drafting properly. An adequate air supply is a must for a wood-burning stove to operate properly. The wood will only smoke and smolder, without that supply of air. A short-term solution to negative air pressure is to open a window.
  • If the flue is not properly connected to the stove or if the flue is not the right size, as indicated by the wood stove manufacturer, the result could be a smoky stove. Using a heat-resistant cement, the joints of the stove pipe can be repaired. Damaged sections should be replaced, however.
  • For stoves vented through a chimney, if there is an obstruction in the chimney flue, the combustion gases may not be able to escape properly. The chimney may be clogged with creosote or, if there is no chimney cap, an animal or leaves could be causing the problem. If there is a chimney cap, the screen may be clogged with debris or creosote, especially if the mesh has small holes.
  • It’s important to burn seasoned firewood. But if you burn green or unseasoned firewood, it will create a lot of smoke as well as messy deposits of soot and creosote in the flue.

If your wood stove isn’t operating as it should, don’t hesitate to give our chimney technicians a call. We can help you figure out what the problem is because you can expect your wood stove to function properly.

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