How to Reduce your Heating Bill, But Increase Your Comfort

Inflation at this time of year has everyone asking the same question. How can we reduce heating costs? People often resort to layering blankets and leaving their heating appliances turned off, but what if there was a way to not only reduce your heating bill but to simultaneously increase the warmth and comfort of your home?

There is but first there are a few very important factors like is your fireplace vented or non-vented, exactly how much heat is escaping your home, and what type of fuel do you use. The type of fireplace you are using has a lot to do with how much heat is being lost. There are a few types of fireplaces that can dramatically reduce your heating costs.

Direct Vent Gas Stove in Dawsonville GAConsider Direct Vent Gas Options

Direct vent gas inserts are fireplace units that can be installed into an existing fireplace, equipped with a glass front, it draws fresh air from the outside to keep the fire going. You can also opt for a direct vent gas heating stove! 

I’m sure you remember that heat rises. It is for this reason, only 20% of the heat generated by traditional fireplaces actually stays in the home, the rest rises up and out of the chimney. However, 70% of the heat generated by direct vent fireplace inserts stay inside the home keeping you warm and toasty.

Buy a Certified High-Efficiency Model 

Since the early 1990s, the EPA has become stricter where emissions standards are concerned. If you have an earlier model, upgrading to a more efficient model could help you save on heating costs.

New models are designed to use less wood and they typically burn cleaner and produce more heat than models from the past. If you want to be sure your fireplace insert is efficient look for the EPA 40 label before you buy your next wood-burning fireplace insert or stove.

Wood Burning Stove Installation in Atlanta GAGas, Pellet or Wood-Burning Appliances

They aid in zone heating. Why heat the whole house including basements and rooms that are rarely even entered? With zone heating, only the rooms with the most activity are heated thereby lowering heating costs.

Gas, pellet, or wood-burning stoves are very efficient at heating these areas so homeowners can turn down the central heat and use zone heating instead.

Take care of heating issues before Cold Weather Arrives 

One thing that adds to heating costs is waiting until the height of winter to address heating concerns. Cold weather could cause delays in the delivery of parts and delays in installation, which will add to your heating costs as you wait for repairs. Investigate these options for yourself and you will find that it is definitely possible to decrease your heating costs and increase your warmth and comfort this winter.

If you are concerned about your dated fireplace and rising heating costs call a professional and explore your options. Give us a call and we’ll be happy to help you with any questions you may have. You can also visit our showroom for a variety of gas inserts and wood-burning stoves.

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