Advantages of a Regency Gas Fireplace

Today, we want to focus on a specific product in the Chimney Solutions lineup: Regency gas fireplaces. Though we will always continue to offer wood-burning installations, gas fireplaces are growing in popularity, especially after incidents such as the Gatlinburg fire in 2016. Let’s look at the advantages of a Regency fireplace.

Gas Fireplace Inserts Installation in Austell GAFirst, what is a Regency fireplace?

Regency is a Canadian company founded in 1979. They got their start by offering a superior quality product. Today, the firm has grown to employ over 400 people and serves 4 continents.

Their primary product is gas fireplaces, though they do offer both wood-burning and pellet stove options. Now, let’s look at four big advantages Regency gas fireplaces have over wood-burning fireplace systems.

Advantage #1: Simplicity

Cutting wood is a physical challenge and a great way to get some exercise. However, ensuring that your wood is properly seasoned and ready for use can be tricky.

With a Regency gas fireplace, this concern goes away completely. Simply turn the system on and you’re ready to go. When you’re done, turn it off and the fire is immediately extinguished.

Advantage #2: Consistency

Regency uses a simple remote control to power its fireplace models. This helps to contribute to a consistent level of heat, and can instantly be adjusted up or down depending on your preference with its variable speed blowers. Anyone who has ever used a wood fireplace is very familiar with the way the heat slowly dissipates as the fuel runs out. With a Regency gas fireplace, there is no concern about when to stop putting logs on the fire. It burns the same until you’re ready to turn it off.

Advantage #3: “Offline” use

Speaking of burning, another advantage of a gas fireplace is its “offline” use. By offline, we’re referring to those moments when the power goes out and you need a way to heat your home. As there is no electrical aspect of a gas fireplace, you can use it for as long as you need to up to and including when the power company restores service to your home. While wood fireplaces can also function “offline”, the difference is that there is no need to refuel a gas fireplace as we mentioned above with Consistency. The fire will burn the same for as long as you need it to.

Advantage #4: Safety

Overall, there is less maintenance with a Regency gas fireplace than with a wood-burning option. This includes a reduced worry of creosote buildup, no ash, and minimal to no smoke byproduct. Embers can’t cause a house fire, and when you’re done all you have to do is turn the system off.

Regency Gas Fireplace Model Choices in Atlanta GARegency gas fireplace models

Regency carries several types of models. One of the more common options is a gas fireplace insert. These conversion kits can transform your existing wood fireplace into a gas model. In addition, Regency also has outdoor models, perfect for backyard gatherings during the crisp fall and early winter months.

Multiple models and advantages of a Regency fireplace

Wood fireplaces are distinctly different from their gas-fueled brethren. They’ll always have a place in homes, though as gas fireplaces grow in popularity, Regency is a brand to keep an eye on. With multiple models to choose from and several distinct advantages over wood fireplaces, a Regency fireplace is an investment that will last for years to come.

Contact Chimney Solutions if you’re interested in learning how a Regency fireplace may be the right option for your home!

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