Warning Sign It’s Time to Replace or Repair a Wood Stove

old wood stoveA wood stove that operates correctly and safely is a joy to have in any home. As years go by, however, that joy can turn to hassle when your wood stove stops working as it should. When this happens, it’s either time to replace your stove or schedule important repair work.

Let’s look at some of the problems that can occur with older wood heating stoves and what to do about them.

Warped steel

If the stove’s steel has begun to warp, various issues can present themselves. The most serious issue is when the warped areas allow too much air to enter the firebox, which will reduce the efficiency of burns. If your stove is warping, have a certified stove technician look at it. This professional likely will recommend replacing the unit and also will try to determine why the appliance started warping in the first place.

Damaged stove door or gasket

If it’s the door or the quality of seal formed by the gasket that’s the problem, you’ll experience inefficient burning with fires that often extinguish quickly. After an inspection, your technician likely will recommend replacing the door and/or the gasket. It’s unlikely your stove itself will need to be replaced.

Rusted firebox

When excess moisture accumulates inside the firebox, it can lead to rusting. This is pretty uncommon, but it’s a sign you don’t want to overlook. Rainwater may be getting down into the stove pipe, or large amounts of condensation may be forming during and after the burning process. If you catch rust early and stop it from spreading, you’re probably okay. However, if the rust has begun to eat away at the stove’s casing, a new stove might be the safest solution. Your hearth service tech will advise on the best option.

Excess smoke

If your stove is billowing smoke, there are two likely reasons: either your vent pipe is obstructed, or you’re burning unseasoned wood. If the problem is an obstruction, have your stove pipe cleaned by a CSIA-certified chimney sweep, who has the equipment and experience to do a thorough job. If the problem is damp wood, make a point of using only fully dry, seasoned wood, which burns more completely and produces much less smoke.

Poor heating performance

If you’ve had your free-standing wood stove for many years, its construction and design simply can’t produce the heating efficiency and performance of a newer-model appliance. Today’s wood stoves are built to meet stringent EPA requirements and offer very high heat-efficiency ratings. There are only so many things you can do to an older stove to improve its performance. Often the best move is to replace it with a new, more powerful model.

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