Repairing A Brick Chimney

As in every aspect of your home, there is maintenance to keep it looking good. The chimney is no different. Over the year your chimney takes a beating. The weather is a big concern. If you live in the South there is heat, wind, and rain. If you are in the north, you have the rough winters of snow, sleet, and freezing rain. The weather can be brutal on your home and your chimney. When it comes to repairs and maintenance, Chimney Solutions is the one to call.Tuckpointing services in Atlanta, GA

There are many reasons your chimney will need repairs. Bricks may crack and need replacing. The mortar becomes loose and needs repair or replacement. General maintenance will save you in the long run on the costs of repairing your brick chimney on major issues.

Avoiding chimney repairs causes severe  damage

To the do-it-yourselfer, there are many easy tasks you can do to repair your chimney. But, if you prefer not to get your hands dirty, call Chimney Solutions and we will be right over.

Some Repairs That Will Need Attention

  • Tuckpointing- Reappointing the mortar between your bricks. A simple task for some. Scraping out the old, cracked mortar and replacing it with new.
  • Flue and Crown repair – Caulk the joint between the flue and the crown. This is one of the significant areas where water will get into your chimney.
  • Crown cracks – Sitting on the top of your chimney, this is an area where water will get in easily. Check for cracks. The main goal of the crown is to protect the chimney from water entering. Caulk this area up as well to avoid the intrusion of water.
  • Seal minor cracks- You may see hairline cracks that can be sealed with a masonry sealer. This sealer has the consistency of a liquid. This allows it to get into the small cracks and seal them.
  • Cracked bricks- Bricks may form small cracks in them. A caulk gun or high-heat mortar should be the solution for these cracks.

chimney repair company in Duluth GANot everyone is a handyman/woman. That is why Chimney Solutions is here for you. Climbing up a ladder is not for everyone either. Some jobs are meant for the professionals. If help is needed with some of these tasks, feel free to contact us. We have certified technicians that have been trained to take care of all your chimney repairs. Call before they get out of hand. Regular maintenance and repair will keep your chimney in good shape and safe for your family.

Chimney Solutions is the chimney contractor that residents trust. We service the Greater Atlanta and Chattanooga, TN areas. We’re a full-service provider. Some of our services include chimney inspections, masonry repair, cap, and chase cover installation. As well as chimney liner repair and installation, restoration, rebuilding, and more.

Contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment today. In the Atlanta area, call 770-255-1300. For CSIA-certified chimney sweeps in Chattanooga, TN, call 423-551-9912.

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