Should You Replace Your Chimney Liner?

Installing Chimney Liner, Atlanta GAYour chimney liner is a crucial part of your fireplace. Not only does it keep your chimney in good condition, but it also helps your fireplace run safely. Like any part of your home, your chimney liner will eventually need to be replaced, but how do you know when it’s time? Here’s what to watch out for as your chimney liner gets older.

What Is A Chimney Liner And Why Is It Important?

Chimney liners are typically made of thin metal sheets or clay tiling. They are sometimes referred to as flue liners and are required by most modern building codes. These liners cover the inside of your chimney to protect the chimney walls from high temperatures and corrosion. The liner prevents your chimney and roof from breaking down over time. They also help to prevent house fires by preventing the chimney from overheating and potentially combusting.

How Do You Know It’s Time To Replace Your Chimney Liner?

Your chimney liner takes a lot of wear and tear over the years, especially if you’re using your fireplace frequently. The typical lifespan of a chimney liner is somewhere between 15 and 20 years, at which point you will likely need to have your liner replaced just to meet modern building code. However, there are many instances where you’ll need to replace your chimney liner before it gets to the 20-year mark. Some inexpensive clay liners can give out after just five years. Ideally, you should have your chimney inspected and cleaned by a professional chimney sweep once per year. During this inspection, your chimney sweep can look for any issues that would indicate that your chimney needs to be replaced.

Any kind of damage to your liner typically means it’s time to install a new one. Even if the damage seems minimal, the heat from your fireplace can send things spiraling out of control quickly and cause fire safety issues. If you or your chimney sweep notices condensation building up on your fireplace, that is also an indication that you are due for a replacement. Condensation can cause serious fire safety issues, and the extra moisture in the flue can cause your chimney to break down more quickly.

Chimney Cleaning In Marietta, GAIf you move into a new home and inherit a fireplace, you should always get it inspected right away. You may have inherited an old or damaged chimney liner that needs to be replaced. If this is the case, you’ll want to do so as soon as possible to avoid any fire safety issues. Additionally, you may need to replace your chimney liner if you install a new fireplace with different configurations than the original.

Don’t miss your annual chimney inspections – this is the best way to catch any problems with your chimney liner and make plans for a replacement if necessary. The Chimney Solutions team offers chimney inspections and repairs throughout the Atlanta area. Give us a call at (770)-709-6648 or contact us online.

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