Clearing the Air: Solving the Mystery of Your Smelly Fireplace  

We have all experienced a day when you smell something from your fireplace.  Whether it is from moisture, leaves, debris, or an animal that may have gotten hung up in your chimney. Sometimes it lasts for days. You try to figure it out. But eventually, you give a call to Chimney Solutions. It’s time for a chimney sweep.

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Today we will talk about ways in which you can prevent any unwanted smells from coming into your home.  Two main reasons smells come into the home are: 

  1. Poor Airflow – The air isn’t going up the chimney. Instead, it is coming back into the home.
  2. Moisture – Water is getting into the chimney and causing moisture.

There are ways that you can avoid some of these issues.

Install A Chimney Cap

A chimney cap will protect the chimney from snow, rain, and moisture.  When the weather changes and rain, sleet and snow start to flow, you won’t want all that moisture in your chimney.  It is a good investment to prevent the added moisture in your chimney. 

Close the Damper

While this may not solve all the problems, it may help. Close off the damper when the fireplace is not in use. Air coming 

down from the open chimney will circulate smells into the home. 

Glass Fire Screen

By installing a glass fire screen, the air coming down from your chimney is kept out. A fire screen also works to keep embers in the firebox. A safe option if you have children and pets. 

Chimney Sweep

If you keep up with your annual chimney sweeps, chances are you won’t be getting the smell from poor airflow. Creosote and soot buildup on the inside of your fireplace and chimney. With an annual chimney cleaning or sweep, this buildup is taken away. 

These are ways that we can help. We are also available for inspections. We will give you some options as to keeping your home free from smells and safe for your family. 

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You can also try an air purifier. An air purifier will help with any additional smells that you may have due to poor circulation. Use this in a room where the fireplace is, it will take away unwanted smells.

The bottom line, the best way to keep your fireplace and chimney free from smells is to have an annual cleaning and inspection. Chimney Solutions is happy to help with any issues you have related to fireplaces and chimneys. Call us for a comprehensive inspection and discuss your concerns. 

Contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment today. In the Atlanta area, call 770-255-1300. For CSIA-certified chimney sweeps in Chattanooga, TN, call 423-551-9912

Our staff is well equipped & prepared to keep your chimney and fireplace in proper working order and to keep your home and family safe. Trust your chimney, fireplace, and venting systems to the pros at Chimney Solutions. We provide the quality & reputation you deserve at a price you can afford! 

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