Solving Your Efflorescence Problem

Are you noticing a white powder on the exterior of your chimney? If so, your home could be experiencing a common problem called efflorescence. This white substance is actually salt deposits left behind from the evaporation of excess moisture on the chimney surface. While these deposits themselves aren’t cause for serious concern, they are a sign that there are underlying issues lurking within your chimney.


Three common causes of efflorescence are:

  1. A cracked chimney structure
  2. The chimney is not properly sealed
  3. The chimney is missing a cap

Addressing the Underlying Issue
To determine the cause of your problem, you must first have your chimney inspected. A certified chimney sweep is the best person to inspect both the exterior and interior of the flue. They will look for signs of structural damage, missing sealant, or other warning signs. At the end of the inspection, they should provide you with a full report while offering the best remedy for your unique situation. Sometimes the solution is as easy as replacing sealant around the cap. Other times a more in-depth chimney repair is necessary.

Removing the Efflorescence
The substance left on the chimney’s surface is rarely harmful but can be unsightly. Usually efflorescence will wash away in heavy rain but you may need to address tougher stains on your own. There are specially-formulated chemicals to treat these stains and help remove them. Your chimney contractor should be able to offer assistance in this process as well.

If you have signs of an efflorescence problem on your chimney’s exterior trust the team at Chimney Solutions for help. We are experienced in working with many common chimney problems including efflorescence. Our certified technicians can inspect your chimney and guide you on the best solution for your specific problem.  Contact us today to see how we can help.

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