We Can Detect the Source of Your Chimney Leak

Hunting down the source of a chimney leak typically requires the expertise of a sleuth. There is no need to call a local detective, though, because CSIA-certified chimney sweeps have the right qualifications for the job. Like a whodunit with many likely suspects, it is oftentimes challenging to determine which chimney component is the malfunctioning culprit that caused a chimney leak. Unfortunately for homeowners who do not schedule annual chimney inspections, the realization that their chimney is leaking usually occurs after extensive damage has already been done, which can lead to big repairs. Below, see what experts check to discover the source of a chimney leak.

tuckpointing mortar joints, atlanta gaMortar Joints

Without climbing onto your roof, it can be difficult to spot some of the most common reasons for chimney leaks, including failed mortar joints. Mortar is what holds the masonry together, but it does not last as long as masonry, which can last a century or more. After about 20 to 25 years at the most, the mortar discreetly begins to deteriorate. If it breaks and flakes off before any repairs are made, the absence of the mortar allows moisture to enter into the masonry system.

It is disastrous for water to enter into bricks because of what happens during periods of freezing and thawing in winter. The water inside the masonry expands and contracts during these weather changes. The movement breaks down the structure of the bricks and causes irreversible deterioration. The gaps created in the masonry system allow water to leak through the chimney.

If, on the other hand, the deteriorating mortar is caught early, a process called tuckpointing can be applied. With tuckpointing, the old mortar is scraped out and new mortar is applied, resulting in a revived chimney that has a like-new appearance and strength.

Chimney Flashing

One of the most common causes of chimney leaks as well as roof leaks is chimney flashing failure. The problem occurs as a result of faulty installation much of the time, which makes sense. A certain amount of skill is necessary to achieve a watertight seal between the chimney flashing, the chimney itself, and the roof. Inclement weather can also result in a flashing leak because high winds and flying debris can cause the flashing to be pulled away from the chimney.

Chimney Crown

The condition of a chimney crown can be obscured indefinitely until someone climbs on the roof to check it. Chimney crowns are prone to deteriorate, especially when substandard material was used to build them. In decades past, it was common for busy construction workers to use leftover mortar for the chimney crown. Even when the white portion of the chimney at the very top is built with the correct, sturdier, material, it is still affected by constant exposure to the elements. When the chimney crown is in disrepair, moisture can flow directly down into the chimney system and wreak havoc. 

chimney liner, suwanee gaThe Fit of the Chimney Liner

If you have converted your wood-burning fireplace into a gas-fueled fireplace, condensation buildup inside the chimney liner can cause leakage. What is usually the source of the problem in this type of case is that be correct flue liner was not installed when the gas fireplace was installed. This is one of the many reasons to trust experienced, certified chimney sweeps for the installation of heating appliances. Fireplace installation is not correctly done unless the chimney liner meets the standard recommended by the manufacturer of the appliance.

The problem with having the wrong liner is that the gas fireplace will give off moisture-rich fumes due to lower temperatures. Moisture can build up and eventually seep through the walls of your chimney.

Chimney Solutions Can Detect the Source of Your Chimney Leak

The above causes of chimney leaks are just a few of the many potential issues that can arise. The experienced chimney sweeps at Chimney Solutions are all CSIA-certified and able to detect the cause of your chimney leak with their impressive investigative skills. For chimney inspections, chimney leak repair, chimney flashing repair, chimney masonry rebuilds, chimney cleaning, and all of your chimney maintenance needs, contact Chimney Solutions today. Dial or click (770) 255-1300 to reach the area’s best chimney leak detectors.

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