There is No Better Time than Spring to add a new Gas Fireplace, Gas Logs, Fireplace Insert, or Stove

Gas Fireplace Install Atlanta GAGeorgia ranks as one of the states with the highest heating costs. It has become a growing trend for homeowners to find ways to reduce the cost of staying warm in winter. Having supplemental, efficient heating appliances installed is a popular and effective solution. Whether you choose to add a new gas fireplace, gas logs, fireplace insert, or stove to your home, springtime is the best time for purchase and installation. There is always a late summer rush at Chimney Solutions, with homeowners seeking to get ready for cold weather. Whether scheduling an annual chimney inspection or having an efficient heating appliance installed, the calls for service start pouring in, the closer it gets to winter. Our Certified Chimney Technicians are fully trained to professionally install a new insert, stove, or fireplace in your home. Scheduling their help at a time convenient to you is most easily achieved in spring.

Efficient Gas Fireplaces and Gas Logs

Modern gas fireplaces and gas logs provide affordable supplemental heat, and it is important that the appliances be professionally installed. One of the best advantages of gas heating appliances is that they can conveniently be used for zone heating. Turn of the central heating system and heat only the room you’re in. With remote control, the flames can be ignited instantly, to take the chill out of the room.

The ease of a gas fireplace and gas log set begins with proper installation. Like all solid fuel heating appliances, gas fireplaces are complex. During the process of installation, being a millimeter off can significantly impact both the performance and safety of a gas fireplace. Loss of heating efficiency and dangerous gas leaks are among the possible issues resulting from poor installation.

Fireplace Insert Installation

A fireplace insert is an excellent investment for any homeowner with a traditional masonry fireplace. It’s essential that a fireplace insert be professionally installed, to ensure safety and maximum benefit. A correctly installed fireplace insert will transform the inefficient fireplace into a viable heat source. The efficiency is bumped from an estimated 10% maximum to about 80%. Efficiency of an insert can be reduced if the installer lacks the skill and training to get the job done correctly. To make the most of your investment and ensure optimal operation of a new fireplace insert, contact our chimney professionals at Chimney Solutions

Installation of a Wood Stove

Today’s wood stoves that are certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are remarkably efficient and can be relied upon as a main heat source, even in homes situated in extreme snowy climates. There are numerous considerations during the installation of a wood stove that practically demand to be performed by a trained professional. In fact, many insurance companies will not cover costs associated with a heating appliance that was not installed by a professional.

High Efficiency wood stoves in Atlanta GAProximity of the stove to combustible materials is an essential consideration during installation. A dangerous process called “pyrolysis” can occur, if a wood stove is used too near combustibles. Pyrolysis gradually changes the composition of such things as furniture, floors, and walls, so that in months or years they could suddenly burst into flames, igniting an extremely dangerous house fire.

The venting system of a wood stove must be properly installed with the correct fit between the chimney and the appliance. Correct installation has a direct impact on the operation of a wood stove.

Contact us at Chimney Solutions during springtime to make arrangements for our trained professionals to install your new supplemental heat source. Beat the rush, in getting ready to cut costs in the coming winter.

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