How Summer Storms Can Damage Your Chimney

As we prepare for the summer with our filled calendars don’t let your guard down on the maintenance of your chimney. Summer storms can be intense on your home and chimney. Just like the storms we see all year long; they can be unpredictable and come on quickly. Rain, wind, and hail, all can run havoc on your chimney. In some areas, you may even see tornados, hurricanes, or tropical storms that bring gusts of wind more than 60 miles per hour and up.

Damaged Chimney Flashing in Duluth GAProblems That Can Arise

Loose flashing 

The flashing is the joint between the roofline and the chimney. The flashing prevents water from seeping into your chimney. With time and excessive winds, the flashing can become loose. Be sure to correct this if seen.

Chimney Crown damage

The chimney crown protects the chimney from water and debris from getting in your chimney. Harsh weather will damage the crown over time.

Leaking masonry

Water is the most damaging to your chimney. Over time the weather can cause cracking and breaking down of the masonry. If not taken care of leaking can occur.

What Should You Look For

You should be looking at your chimney to check for visible damage often, you should be able to see if you have staining or discoloration of the bricks, cracking masonry, or pieces of brick that have fallen off the chimney. You may even notice mold or mildew starting to grow, or a mildew like smell coming from your fireplace.  Make sure to check is your chimney cap is damaged or even missing! And finally if you have water staining in your firebox or on the ceiling in the room with the fireplace, call a chimney professional right away!

Prevention is Always the Best Solution


Regular maintenance is always the best practice. You will want to schedule a yearly chimney sweep to keep the inside of your chimney clean and free from creosote.


Keep an eye on the outside of your chimney. Be sure to call for an inspection if you see any debris around the outside of your fireplace or in your firebox. Watch for cracked masonry.

Water Repellant

Your chimney is exposed to elements on a regular basis. Over time, harsh weather can cause excessive wear on your chimney, especially your masonry. A water repellant can be applied to the masonry of your chimney to help with the wear.

Not all issues about your chimney are visual. A major storm that has damaged your home and roof, may have damaged your chimney as well. It is a good idea to have your chimney inspected after a major storm. An inspection can spot minor cracks that can lead to major issues if not detected. Be sure to contact a professional to help with any concerns that may come up. Having issues taken care of before they become major concerns will save you. Regular maintenance will help the life of your chimney.

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