Summer is Chimney Repair Season

Fall is just around the corner when leaves will start to change color, and nights will get cooler; it’s also when you will start using your fireplace. So, what does that mean? It means that this summer is chimney repair season when you’re not using your fireplace. The warm air during the summer also makes it an excellent time for our chimney sweeps to repair your chimney. Cold weather inhibits repair materials on a chimney from curing quickly; though not impossible to apply in winter, it is undoubtedly more advantageous in summer and will present better results.

Chimney Repair Suwanee, GA

Summer is also the slow season for chimney inspections and repairs which means you don’t have to wait for an appointment. Making summer the time for your chimney to undergo an annual inspection and cleaning makes sense. Let’s look at what issues might be found when your chimney is inspected and the repairs needed.

Frequent Summer Chimney Repairs

Water Damage

The biggest enemy to your chimney and fireplace is a leak. Water getting into your chimney’s bricks and mortar joints mean it’s only a matter of time until bricks crack and fall out and mortar joints wear away. We can repair or replace broken bricks and use the tuckpointing method to repair worn-away mortar joints. A cracked chimney crown allows water to run down into old, dried-out bricks that absorb water like a sponge. We can fix your broken chimney crown and, if needed, add a chimney cap to protect the rest of your chimney from water damage.

Broken Chimney Components

You may not think of your chimney as having many parts, but it does, and some are crucial to its performance. If your chimney’s flue cap is damaged or missing, rain, snow, leaves, dirt, and wildlife can find their way down your chimney. Our certified chimney sweeps will replace the damaged or missing flue cap and ensure there are no additional issues. We can perform similar repairs with chimney caps and chase covers.

Damaged Chimney Liners

Your chimney liner is hidden from your view, so you may be surprised when you find out that yours is failing and putting your home and family at risk. Broken down chimney liners can lead to fires and carbon monoxide finding its way into your house. Chimney liners in old chimneys that have never been changed can break down over time from exposure to extremely high temperatures or leaks, allowing moisture into your chimney. Some old homes may not even have a chimney liner. If we inspect your chimney and find the chimney liner has been damaged or is missing, we will replace it with a durable stainless steel liner.

Chimney Inspection Acworth, GADon’t Wait Until Fall to Let Chimney Solutions Inspect Your Chimney

We can inspect and repair your chimney during the summer when the conditions are ideal. Our experienced chimney sweeps will inspect and, if required, repair your chimney. Don’t wait until autumn, when inspections are more frequent, and there is less time to perform a repair before cold weather. Call us or fill out our easy contact form today. One of our chimney experts will discuss inspecting your chimney. Don’t hesitate; cold weather will be here before you know it!

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