Ten Reasons to Buy a Wood Burning Stove

Wood Stove Repair - Atlanta GAMost of us homeowners are doing everything we can these days to limit what we spend on utilities. During the winter, we’re even more careful – yet we have to spend something, unless we want to freeze. For more and more homeowners, the solution is to buy a wood-burning stove.

You may be saying, “Well, we already have a fireplace, and that doesn’t seem to be that great of a deal.” In many cases, you’d be right. Traditional masonry fireplaces that run on wood aren’t the most efficient heating units in the world. But a stove is usually much more efficient as well as convenient to operate.

Let’s look at 10 reasons to buy a wood-burning stove.

  1. Wood is considered an inexpensive fuel. For those who have access to a wooded area and are happy to go chopping, wood is free.
  2. Wood is a “renewable energy source.” Although burning wood does produce some amount of toxic byproducts, all the trees that are still growing are hard at work absorbing the environmental toxins burning wood creates. You burn some logs, trees absorb the toxins, you cut a tree down and burn it, more trees absorb the toxins, and the cycle goes on forever.
  3. During a power outage that has disrupted the supply of electricity or gas, you’ve got all you need to stay warm with wood logs and a flame to get them started.
  4. Wood stoves come in a variety of exciting designs, both modern and traditional. Finding one to perfectly accent your home won’t be hard.
  5. As mentioned, for people who are equipped to chop their own wood, this activity is a super exercise. Forget the treadmill, just pick up your axe and go to work.
  6. A crackling wood stove with a view of the leaping flames can be quite romantic. We’ll let you figure out the rest.
  7. One reason many homeowners buy a wood stove is because these appliances can be placed virtually anywhere in the home where zone heating is wanted. Kitchens, dens, family rooms and even bedrooms (if approved in local ordinances) – all of these areas will be well-served by a quality wood stove.
  8. Oh, and don’t forget the money saved by being able to lower – or turn off – your thermostat.
  9. The variety of sizes of stoves available from top-name manufacturers makes it easy these days to select the most appropriate size and efficient features for your heating needs.
  10. Finally, wood stoves have much-less-complex venting requirements than do standard fireplaces. A well-designed stove pipe is usually all it takes, when set up by a professional stove and fireplace technician.

Wood Burning StoveThese are 10 of the most common reasons people give for investing in a fine wood stove. Surely there are many more. Why not explore them all with an expert at Chimney Solutions of Alpharetta?

We serve the entire Atlanta area with the best in stove and fireplace cleaning and maintenance, and our showroom offers a big selection of heating appliances and a full line of hearth accessories. Visit our website, or give us a call at (770) 268-3844. We’re here to help.

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