Unveiling the Role and Importance of Chimney Caps

“What is a chimney cap and why do I need one?” Because this is a common question, we are unveiling the role and importance of chimney caps. These essential chimney accessories need a dramatic introduction, especially if you like to avoid unnecessary expenses while keeping your family safe. Word needs to get out that a chimney cap is the first line of defense against any chimney’s worst enemy. Its other benefits are just as weighty. Read on for the big reveal about chimney caps.

Purpose of a quality chimney cap Atlanta, GAWhat is the Purpose of a Chimney Cap?

The foundational purpose of a chimney cap–drumroll, please–is to keep precipitation out of your chimney system. Whether rain, snow, or sleet, moisture and chimneys don’t mix. Brick masonry is a sponge for moisture, and yet every brick that contains moisture must be replaced. 

Here is the scoop on why water is so destructive to chimney masonry: When moisture gets into chimney masonry, the bricks are exposed to internal movement during freezing and thawing cycles. That’s because the water expands and contracts. Each affected brick will ultimately flatten. This will result in a leaning chimney that could eventually collapse unless masonry repairs are made. A partial or complete chimney rebuild is usually required.

Other Reasons Chimney Caps are Important

Moisture is just one problem that is solved with the installation of a chimney cap–that is, if mesh is included. It can save you a lot of frustration and expense if you make sure the chimney cap you have installed includes mesh. Although a chimney cap without mesh may keep some debris out, it can’t keep animals out or the debris they leave behind. 

Critters that are notorious for getting inside chimneys include birds, snakes, squirrels, raccoons, and mice. Birds like to build nests in chimneys, which can lead to dangerous chimney obstructions. Raccoons have also been known to keep their young safe inside a chimney. 

Creatures have a way of leaving behind waste, which is a smelly contaminant. Always leave animal removal and cleanup to trusted chimney experts. There are certain risks involved with up-close exposure to wild animals, both alive and dead. This brings up the fact that animals can’t always make their way back out of a chimney. Often, unbeknownst to homeowners, a carcass is in a state of decomposition in their chimney. The resulting odor is indescribably unbearable. 

professional chimney cap instllations in Peachtree Corners GA

Nature can also contribute to chimney problems unless a chimney cap with mesh prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from getting inside. Chimney obstructions cause many thousands of chimney fires every year, and many such chimneys are blocked by debris.

Do You Need Chimney Cap Installation Stat?

We urge homeowners to call us at Chimney Solutions with all haste if they need chimney cap installation. We are proud to have unveiled the role and importance of chimney caps. You will significantly cut the costs of chimney maintenance by ensuring your chimney is topped with a chimney cap with mesh. A chimney cap is also an essential component for ensuring that your chimney is safe. Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps have the training and expertise to provide fully reliable chimney services.

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