After Labor Day is the Perfect Time for an Inspection

Annual Chimney Inspections atlantaIf you’re like most people in the Atlanta area, you’ll be using your fireplace a lot more on chilly fall and winter nights than you did during the summer. With the unofficial end of summer (Labor Day) already past, it’s time to have your chimney professionally inspected before the higher-use seasons arrive.

How often should you have a chimney inspection?

When was the last time your chimney was inspected? Has it been two years? Four years? Six years or more? The National Fire Protection Association and the Chimney Safety Institute of America both say that chimneys should be inspected by a professional every year. Neglecting this important task can make your home one of the thousands annually that erupt in flames because of an overly dirty chimney.

Is your chimney a fire hazard? The only way to know is with a thorough chimney inspection. The professional inspectors at Chimney Solutions will perform a complete inspection and initiate whatever cleaning and repairs are necessary.

A chimney inspection will determine how well air can flow through your chimney. Obstructions can decrease air flow and allow carbon monoxide to enter your home. This invisible, odorless gas is harmful to humans and animals, and in large volumes it can be deadly. In fact, carbon dioxide is responsible for more deaths each year than any other type of poison.

Chimney obstructions

There are several ways in which a chimney can become obstructed. For example, during the summer, when the fireplace is not in use, birds and other animals may build nests in the chimney and make their homes there.

The build-up of creosote and soot is another reason a chimney can experience insufficient air flow. Creosote is a chemical that is emitted from wood (and coal) when it doesn’t burn completely. This compound is highly flammable, and can ignite when as little as one-eighth of an inch becomes “glued” to the walls of a chimney.

A variety of debris can wind up in the chimney and cause an obstruction. This includes cracked mortar, leaves and twigs, broken flue tiles, broken pieces of masonry, etc. Trained chimney inspectors can spot this debris and remove it before a serious problem results.

As you can see, chimney inspections are necessary based not just on the amount of time your fireplace is in use but also the simple passing of time.

Chimney InspectionsIt’s never safe to assume that your chimney is in perfect working order. Just because you don’t “see” a problem doesn’t mean one isn’t there. Remember the two main dangers of an un-maintained chimney: carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from lack of proper air flow; and a chimney fire when baked-on creosote ignites.

Chimney Solutions is in business to help you avoid these problems. One call will bring you an experienced chimney inspector who has the skills and tools to determine if your chimney is working properly along with the ability to make any necessary repairs to safeguard all who live in your home.

Call Chimney Solutions today at (770) 771-5501 and order your chimney inspection before you begin using your fireplace more frequently during the fall and winter. And remember to call us around every Labor Day to ensure continued safety.

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