Tips for Adding a Fireplace to a Small Space

Small Fireplaces for Small SpacesImagine the ideal fireplace and hearth setting: a huge fireplace with a roaring fire warming the big room. But what if you have a small room? Or what if you have a typical full-size fireplace in your main room, but you want to bring supplemental heating to other smaller rooms within the house? Fortunately, modern fireplace technology has an answer for you.

Top-name fireplace manufacturers today create units in sizes that are ideal for kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms and any other area of the home where convenient heating from a good-looking appliance is desired.

Let’s look at three fireplace styles that would be great choices for efficient heating that doesn’t take up a lot of space. (Keep in mind that gas fireplaces, because of their simpler venting systems, can be installed in many places a traditional wood-burning fireplace can’t.)

Corner fireplaces

They’re called “corner” fireplaces, but they can be placed just about anywhere. In small quarters – such as in an apartment or a condo – these units give off an amazing amount of heat and are perfect choices for people looking to save money by supplementing their heating systems.

Electric stoves

From classic and traditional to ultra-modern, an electric stove makes a great finishing touch in any smaller room. Because they’re powered by electricity, there’s no hauling and stacking wood, and there’s increased safety by not having gas lines running into the heating unit. Electric stoves are easy to operate and provide controlled heat quickly.

Wall-mounted fireplaces

When space is really at a minimum, many homeowners go with a wall-mounted fireplace. These elegant units fit completely within a wall, freeing up floor space. Whether gas or electric, today’s fireplaces incorporate leading-edge technology for cleaner, hotter fires. Some wall-mounted fireplaces are two-sided, meaning one fire can heat rooms on two sides of a wall.

Wall-Mounted FireplaceWhen a fireplace or stove is running optimally, it will go a long way toward offsetting high winter heating bills. With such a huge variety of fireplaces designed for smaller spaces, now everyone can enjoy the luxury, warmth and money-savings that you can only get with a beautiful fireplace.

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