Top Your Chimney in Style

Chimney Shroud InstallationIf you have a wood-framed chimney, you can improve the appearance by topping it with a stylish decorative shroud or rain pan. If you have a standard masonry fireplace, you may choose to add a whole new look with the addition of chimney pots. Our professional chimney technicians are experienced at fitting chimneys with chimney pots and are also skilled at creating custom decorative shrouds and rain pains.

Rain Pans and Decorative Shrouds

Did you know that protecting your wood-framed chimney from moisture is not only important to prevent damage but is also an opportunity to upgrade the appearance? Do you have the most important feature for preventing moisture damage on your wood-framed chimney structure? If you have a non-masonry chimney, a chimney rain pain or decorative shroud is your first line of defense against moisture. To avoid being stuck with the need for extensive and expensive repairs, it is essential that your custom rain pain / decorative shroud is in sound condition.

The lifespan of a rain pan is estimated to be about 12 to 16 years. Once you get near the dozen-year mark, keep a close eye on it or go ahead and replace your rain pan. Experts in the business say that a rust hole in the rain pan that is as small as a dime can result in damage to your home’s sheetrock, framing, and more. There is a real possibility the damage will not be covered by homeowners’ insurance.

Annual chimney inspections are important to ensure safety. For homeowners interesting in avoiding steep repair costs, inspections are important to ensure that there is no moisture or other types of damage creating costly problems. We offer custom chimney shrouds, in addition to rain pans. Shrouds cover the termination cap with architectural design that adds to the value of your home by adding more character.

The custom toppers we build are durable as well as aesthetically pleasing. We use pre-finished metal with a baked enamel finish, which helps to prevent premature oxidation and rusting.

Chimney Pots

Chimney shroud w/ potsMany homeowners in Georgia choose to grace their chimneys with clay, ceramic, or terra cotta chimney pots. Chimney pots are traditionally made with clay but are also sometimes made with metal, such as copper. Chimney pots evoke the Victorian era and offer other benefits, in addition to providing a boost to the curb appeal of your roofline. The following are functional benefits of chimney pots:

  • If you have a chimney pot that is complete with a rain guard, rain water is prevented from pouring into your chimney. The guard will also prevent animals from getting inside your chimney.
  • A properly fitted chimney pot will improve the draw of the chimney. You can ensure the right fit with professional installation by our experienced chimney technicians.
  • There are many variations of size, style, and color, which means that there is a style that is sure to look just right on your home.

There are plenty of benefits besides beauty when you add a decorative shroud or chimney pot to your chimney. Call our professional chimney technicians today for an upgrade.

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