Unique Chimney Designs and Architectural Masterpieces

A fireplace is timeless. With its warmth and coziness, a home with a fireplace is so much more inviting. The charm of an old home with a stately fireplace is a masterpiece. Over time, an old home will need some sort of restoration. You will end up with structural damage or a crumbling chimney or worse. At Chimney Solutions we can help restore an old fireplace and chimney back to its days of glory.

historical chimney restorations in Stone Mountain GAHistorical Charm

Take a walk down history lane. The charm and character of an old home show the marksmanship and design that has gone into each one. The fireplace is a necessary function to heat the home. But it also serves as ventilation for smoke from the fireplace. As well as fumes to escape from fuel-burning heating systems.

Guidelines and Challenges of Chimney Restoration

Today there are guidelines to preserve these old homes. When restoring chimneys, there are safety guidelines that need to be followed. Years ago, when homes were built there were no regulations to prevent fires. Today there are safety requirements that must be followed. Preservation of historic elements with current safety requirements. Contact Chimney Solutions to get all the details.


Being able to match the existing materials can be daunting. The bricks, concrete, metals as well as glass should mimic the original. In restoration, it is important to match the original design.

Wear and Tear

Weather will impact the chimney’s structure. Over time mortar will fall out and deterioration will occur. Restoration and sometimes rebuilding will need to be done. Inserting a durable stainless-steel liner will correct the stability of the chimney. Tuckpointing will help to restore old mortar from joints.


A full inspection of an older chimney is important. Before any restoration project, contact a professional. A technician at Chimney Solutions will oversee the complete inspection. We will recommend corrective action where needed.

Whether you are preserving the old or bringing on a new look, we can help with your decision. Here are some other options to consider.

fireplace inserts in Woodstock GATypes of Fireplaces

  • Modern Minimalism Gas Fireplaces – Easy is the rage. A turn of a switch is what many are looking for.
  • Classic – A wood-burning fireplace with all its ambiance is a hit to the traditionalist.
  • Gas Inserts – Turn your classic fireplace into a modern gas insert. The ease of a quick light is attractive to many.
  • Fireplace options – Brick, Tile, Stone. So many options to choose from.
  • Center chimney – On a new build, options are plenty. Try a center chimney fireplace and enjoy the fire in many rooms.
  • Electric – A fireplace without a chimney.

Are you interested in preserving your chimney?

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